Apple’s Flak With Their New Maps Application

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Steve JobsApple is taking a lot of flak at the moment with the new Maps application. Replacing Google Maps in iOS 6 looks to have backfired if you’re to believe the media. After all, this is a digital wound, and if it bleeds it leads. The moment will pass, and when it does, Apple will be in a far healthier position than if they had renewed their mapping deal with Google.

I want to stress one thing though. In all the coverage, one idea many are voicing is that Steve Jobs would not have released Maps for iOS 6 in the current condition. That’s wrong. Not only would Steve Jobs have released Maps, he would have demanded it.

Let’s be clear, Steve Jobs has made mistakes before with iPhone and iOS. Take the issues around the iPhone 4′s antennae, which if held incorrectly would decrease the effectiveness of the cellular radio. They happened on his watch.

That was an issue that should have been caught in quality control. How about MobileMe, which was launched to great fanfare, which it followed up with by failing rather spectacularly.

See the rest of this article on Forbes, where the post was originally published.

Steve Jobs Photo credit: acaben.

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