Age Quencher, for a Healthier & More Beautiful You Inside & Out

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As we age, there are a number of things that break down in our bodies or don’t replenish at the same speed. It’s important to consider both the inside and out when we think of self-care. I was recently introduced to a brand called AGE QUENCHER from Toronto which has a cream/serum combo, as well as supplements and high protein whey powder to promote skin elasticity as well as strengthen nails.

They have a full system which we found fascinating. They call it the AGE QUENCHER Beauty System and you can sign up to receive it automatically every month — it’s delivered to your door so you can keep on the beauty and health regime without missing a beat. Each Beauty System includes a one-month supply of AGELESS Beauty Vitamin, HYDRATE Beauty Electrolyte and REJUVENATE Beauty Protein.

The collagen, hyaluronic acid, potent antioxidants, proteins, electrolytes and essential vitamins present in AGE QUENCHER work at a deep cellular level repairing tissue, combating free radicals and regenerating cells to hydrate, nourish and strengthen skin from the inside out.

  • AGELESS is a vegetarian capsule that delivers a powerful one-two punch of antioxidants and vitamins to support skin health from the inside.
  • HYDRATE helps to replenish vital electrolytes while promoting radiant, glowing skin. It is sugar-free, carbohydrate-free, and chemical-free with less than 20 calories per serving. (above)
  • REJUVENATE is made with hormone-free New Zealand Whey Powder to promote skin’s elasticity and strengthen nails. It boasts 20 grams of protein and only 90 calories per scoop, is sugar-free and carbohydrate-free, and has a delicious natural vanilla taste.
Age Quencher™ Beauty System

Their AGELESS Beauty Vitamin is an innovative formula that combines the powerful properties of essential vitamins and antioxidants to help combat the signs of aging. As the women in my circles know, our skin tends to dry out as we get older. One of the biggest causes of premature aging and deep wrinkles is insufficient hydration. Water hydrates every cell and organ in our bodies, including our bodies’ largest organ: the skin so it’s vital to drink tons of water regardless of what age you are, but as you get older, it’s even more important.

Not only can dehydration cause fatigue, headaches and decreased urination, but can also increase our heart rate and lower our blood pressure. Their HYDRATE product helps to replenish vital electrolytes while promoting radiant, glowing skin.  Lastly, their REJUVENATE Beauty Proteinwhich as noted above, is made with hormone-free New Zealand Whey Powder and is infused with collagen to promote skin elasticity and to strengthen hair and nails. It is also non-GMO, lactose, hormone, antibiotic, carbohydrate and sugar free and it doesn’t have any artificial flavors, colors, wheat or gluten.

Moving onto the skin and external care, INTERCEPT is a paraben-free topical hyaluronic serum that delivers intense moisture directly to the skin, which helps to replenishes aging skin at the cellular level, promoting a luminous glow, while protecting against free radicals and environmental aggressors.

For more information, including how to order and the specifics behind their beauty system and regime, visit their website:









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