Today, Sarah Googles “McCain & Regulation”

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I know everyone has likely already seen the Katie Couric interview with Sarah Palin since its all over the web, but why take a chance that even one person hasn’t yet experienced Palin’s wisdom and intellect? This video needs to sit in everyone’s blog even if they’ve never written about or cared about politics in their life.

It’s astonishing that even one person in this country can ‘accept’ such mediocrity. How did we come this far? Sink this low?

She’s the voice of McCain and can’t even come up with one example in his 26 year history for how he has pushed for more regulation, but hey, “she’ll try to find some for ya (in the dusty files of his basement?) Katie and bring ’em to ya.” Is this for real or was it really a Saturday Night Live re-run and someone is playing a joke on me.

And as for what some moms think of this articulate wonderstar from Alaska who btw, doesn’t know how to wear lipstick, check out Momocrats. I’ve included some of the funnier comments – they’re too good not to reprint.

“Damn I’ve had conversations with gas station clerks that were more insightful. Palin actually makes Bush look sharp in comparison.”

“Ever notice how Palin throws in “Senator McCain says, thus and such” in most of her answers? I wonder, did she have any original thoughts before the McCain campaign started feeding her cue cards?”

“Didja notice the more uncomfortable she gets, the more folksy she gets. Where’s that “bridge to nowhere” speech when ya need it?”

“The only excellent job she has done is evade questions.”

“Holy cow. I’m not a great speaker by a long shot, but I’ve been more ‘with it’ after popping Benadryl than Sarah is in this interview –“

“Katie shows all too clearly that the Empress has no clothes!”

“Are you kidding me??? This is the woman who could potentially be the President if McCain doesn’t make it through his first term. Someone just shoot me!! This is an abomination. This woman does everything in her power to evade questions. She claims McCain is this “maverick” but can’t give a single concrete example of what he has done in his 26 years to push for regulation?!??? Ughhh, excuse me but I have to go throw up…she is making me sick.”

“Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be surprised if the McCain camp now calls Katie Couric sexist — that appears to be their answer to everything.”

“How can they talk about the undue interest of lobbyists and have a lobbyist in such an influential position on the campaign? I get more and more angry every day.”

“They are somehow managing to make 4 more years of George W. look more appealing than a McCain presidency.”

“Good grief. This looks like some Beverly Hillbillies comes to Washington episode. Nothing necessarily wrong with folksy as long as it’s underpinned by knowledge and intellect but folksy to disguise vacuousness isn’t exactly Veep material. THIS is the woman who could potentially be leader of the free world and Commander in Chief??? Say it ain’t so!”

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