The Price of Majingilane Protection



Majingilane Male Lion 

Majingilane Male Lion

As the weeks drifted on into March the younger members of the Sparta pride once again pushed the northern boundaries of their territory which lay close to the airstrip. The inexperienced faaction was feasting on a giraffe when the tables turned on them. The two confident Tsalala lionesses surprised the young lions, chasing them off the carcass before claiming it for themselves.

Now, one week later, the two Tsalala lionesses were themselves halfway through a wildebeest when the Majingilane coalition arrived on the scene…

Without hesitation, the four males went straight for the carcass, pushing aside the lionesses and fighting amongst themselves for scraps. Left with nothing the lionesses lay down leaving the males to feed. Sitting quietly, the pair licked their paws, content in knowing that even though they had lost their kill, they were winning the ongoing lion warfare. With conflict and aggression around every corner, this was the offering to the males for their protection and this was the priced that needed to be paid to ensure the future of their cubs…


The Majingilane coalition had come to the rescue of the two Tsalala lionesses in February. The panicked lionesses were on the airstrip with the aggressive Sparta pride hot on their heels. With the gap between the two prides swiftly closing, the Majingilane coalition suddenly began to roar. The ground shattering force of the four male lions echoed across Londolozi and caused the Sparta pride to bid a hasty retreat back into their territory.

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