The Creation of a Pink Paradise Cocktail

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I could try to make this cocktail overdrawn and complicated.  I could manifest a story of it’s origin, some elaborate tale of how it was conceived.  In truth, the somewhat cheesily named ‘Pink Paradise’ cocktail was a thrown together concoction of what we had on hand both sitting out on our bar and the sole juice in the fridge.  After a final dash of classic bitters and a solid shake on ice, the palest of pretty pinks poured from our cocktail shaker into the glass.  I fell in love with the hue the campari lent to the drink as well as the complexity it brought to my tongue as I took my first sip.  The tang of the pineapple juice is the perfect match for the sharpness of the vodka, the tartness of this fruit counterbalancing the bitterness of the campari, an Italian apertif that has always been a favorite stand-by in our house.  It is the ideal drink for simple sipping and relaxation, by the pool or otherwise.  Our teaser clip is a testament to just how simple this cocktail is to create.  A toast to pink and a toast to paradise – both meet here, in perfect harmony.  Cheers!


Makes Two

  • two shots vodka (three ounces)
  • one shot cointreau
  • one shot pineapple juice
  • one quarter shot campari
  • one dash bitters
  • sliced lime for garnish
Fill two glasses with ice and set aside.  Combine the vodka, cointreau, pineapple juice, campari and bitters in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.  Shake vigorously.  Divide between the two glasses and garnish with lime.  Enjoy!
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