Merry Christmas From the Digital #RuralRockstars of South Africa

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I almost never post a video that touts a corporate award in it, however truth be told it is big business who often sponsors awards, and whether it’s entirely a PR play for them or they really want to change the world, bottom line, change can happen as a result. That said, I still wouldn’t have posted it, however I have a personal story connected to South Africa, women and education and am passionate about change for all three.

As someone who has lived in South Africa a couple of times, and attended her 12th grade year there, I have a soft spot for the country. I ran across this video through one of our RSS feeds and rather than post it as it was, I decided to write about it through my eyes.

I learned about the deeds of the Good Work Foundation (GWF), which helps 185 rural adults qualify for their International Computer Driving licenses. What’s even cooler is that 81% of the students are women, as is the CEO Kate Groch. Go girls and go South Africa!

A staggering 7,394 online hospitality modules were completed and for the first year ever, 139 adults have graduated with a business-English certificate. More than 1400 children benefit every week as digital learning solutions come to them, in their rural space. One group of children achieved a 76 percent mathematics average compared to 48 percent last year.

Watch this very touching video as these digital #RuralRockstars talk about what it means to be “rural” and what it means to be both “rural” and “digital” in the modern world. Here, they also wish the world a Merry Christmas. I loved it. God bless their work and South Africa, a place that has always transformed me.

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