David Ellzey Inspires with Pantomime and Consciousness

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David Ellzey has been called an “accomplished court jester to humanity” by Norman Cousins. I saw him perform his pantomime at the recent SAND Conference (aka Science & Nonduality Conference) in northern California.

At an early age, he studied how to create worlds in space and silence through the ancient art form of pantomime under the teaching of a Kabbalah master.

His book, “The Ocean of Now,” focuses on the boundless benefits and joy of living in the present moment.

THIS, he does through his art form, combining pantomime with higher consciousness and awakenening in a way that is truly moving.

David mixes transcendence and entertainment with humor and messages to inspire you and move you to a place of joy and being present…throughout his performance and beyond.

Below is a video I shot of his performance at the event in late October.

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