Burning at Burning Man ‘Til Dawn and Beyond

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The Far Corner of the World Black Rock City is laid out on a circular grid.  Position along the circle is measured clock-like rather than compass-like, with camps and art beginning at about 2:30 and ending at about 9:30.  The vast majority of the circle is empty Playa.  That’s where The Man burns and where art installations come and go.  Where the Playa meets camping, that’s the Esplanade.  All along the Esplanade, there are dance venues, bars, and clubs.

Over in the farthest corner of world at BRC, at 2:30, was scaffolding, propane tanks, stacked speakers, projectors and projection screens, and stages, all of which became at night The Opulent Temple. The Paddy Mirage Sunrise at the Hookadome Nexus in the Morning Head further into the camping area, and you get to the named streets, in alphabetical order.  As more and more people participate, more streets with higher letter names are added.

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