Bolivia’s La Paz for Culture, Football & Witches Market

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Streets of La Paz Bolivia

La Paz in Bolivia is one of the most inspiring cities I’ve visited over the years. La Paz is the world’s highest capital city, and therefore is also the capital of Bolivia. Ugly concrete lego blocks make this an eyesore nestled high into the Bolivian mountains and while you struggle to breathe as you walk up and down streets in the downtown area, this place inspires you. Here are 5 great things to do in La Paz.

1. Visit Estadio Hernando Siles, the highest national football stadium in the world:

Visiting the football stadium in La Paz should make a footy fans top 5 for this city.

World's Highest National Football Stadium in La Paz

This stadium, Estadio Hernando Siles is the highest national football stadium in the world. Their glory years of 1994 may be behind them, but if you’re a football loving traveller, add this on your list!

2. Witches Market/Mercado del Hechiceria:

The witches market in La Paz is on a hill is worth a trip.

Llama phoetuses in Witches Market, La Paz, Bolivia

One of the main attractions at the witches market is dried Llama Phoetuses, which are used as lucky charms by the Bolivians. A charming place.

3. Plaza Murillo (“Yellow Square”):

Even this high up, guns and government combine to add history to what I called “Yellow Square” (that is NOT the real name for it – but I based it on the colour of the buildings and the fact it sounds like Amarillo). Get your fix by walking around the square, known as Plaza Murillo where you can see the Palacio Legaslativo, Palacio Presidencial and the Cathedral all together – there are guards manning the Palacio Presidencial and bullet holes in the concrete brick work. Keep your eye open for guys wearing hot woolen hats offering to clean your shoes!

Palace at Plaza Murillo La Paz Bolivia

4. Fake Zebra Crossings:

The locals of La Paz have a sense of humour. People dress up as fake zebras and act as a “zebra crossing” through the manic busy streets of La Paz. Go on – let those human zebras let you across the road. What remains a mystery to me is how they earn money from it…

zebra crossings in La Paz

5. Wild Rover, the world’s highest Irish Pub:

Despite claims from Paddy Flaherty’s in Cuzco, the Wild Rover in La Paz is actually the highest Irish Pub in the world. Located at an extremely lofty 3,600 metres above sea level, this pub has an immense vibe. Live football, a picture of George Best on the wall and some Irish staff make this a great place to relax and drink beer.

High altitude streets in La Paz Bolivia

Of course, La Paz offers a host of other things to do such as San Pedro Prison and the views of the city from afar. Many travellers to La Paz also get a “plane to the jungle” at Rurrenabaque and do the “death road to Coroico” and those are two things I didn’t do.

Here are a few of my La Paz videos:

Llamas Phoetuses in Witches Market:

Zebra Crossing in La Paz:

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