Bolivia’s La Paz: Drink & Experience the Magic of Mocochinchi

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I had never heard of Mocochinchi before arriving in Bolivia. In fact, it was only my curiosity while walking round the streets of La Paz that I decided I had to buy one and try it. It’s a refreshing drink, which you can buy in market stalls in downtown La Paz.

What is Mocochinchi??

A Bolivian specialty, it’s a sweet drink made with water, peach, sugar and cinnamon though some may add other variants in it.

Bolivian drinks Mocochinchi in La Paz

Street side markets, or make it yourself however it’s not found on restaurants. Some of the very locals cafes and bars might have them, but stick to buying it by the side of the road from market stalls.

market stalls with mocochinchi in La Paz Bolivia

What does Mocochinchi taste like?

It’s sweet and delicious. I thought it tastes like clove or cinnamon but yet it is made from peeled and dried peaches. It’s non alcoholic and yes, drinking Mocochinchi tastes good and helps prevent soroche (altitude sickness).

Drinking mocochinchi in La Paz Bolivia

Jonny Blair loving mocochinchi in La Paz Bolivia

And as an aside, La Paz is a fantastic city – not to mention historical and beautiful.

Big church in central La Paz Jonny Blair a lifestyle of travel

A Video of me Trying Mocochinchi in Bolivia (in the markets of La Paz):


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