Australia’s Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Lets You Cuddle Koalas!


There are many places you can hold a koala bear in Australia, such as one of the many zoos. There are decent zoos in Sydney and Melbourne, but I’d recommend Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Queensland, since it is one of the most famous, oldest and most renowned Koala Sanctuary in the world.

You can get there by bus from central Brisbane (445 from 40 Adelaide Street) or 430 from Queen Street Bus Station, or you can rent a car or go via ferry.  A company called Miramar runs boat cruises there regularly.

owen millar and jonny blair at lone pine

There’s a lot more to it than koalas believe me!  The entrance fee is roughly $28 Australian Dollars although they have different prices depending on what category you fall into.

hugging a koala in lone pine

According to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary experts, hugging a koala is easy by following these steps:

1. Stand opposite a koala handler

holding a koala bear

2. Place your hands on top of one another in front of your body around waist height
3. Make sure you keep your hands together while the koala handler places a koala on you.
4. Act like “a tree”and support the koala’s weight by remaining still and keeping your hands under the koala at all times (see above)

koala bear hugging

There’s also a  – 6. Do Something Quirky, and so I decided to have my koala photographed with my travelling Northern Ireland flag…

northern ireland koala bear

Koala Hugging is Illegal in parts of Australia!

Yes that’s right – in New South Wales it is banned which is an extra incentive for you to head up to Lone Pine and have your happy koala cuddling moment.

I’d thoroughly recommend it! It’s a lot safer and less crazy than feeding hyenas.

koala bears lone pine australia

Here’s a video I made at the Koala Sanctuary at Lone Pine:

Top photo only: www.wallpapers1920x1080. com 

Jonny Scott Blair
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