Wrinkle Free Bluff Works Pants Designed For Avid Travelers

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I recently learned about Bluff Pants or is it Pants by Bluff, or is it Bluff Works or is it a pair of Bluffs? All of the above, really. While they don’t yet have options for women, this male-only clothing line of pants was founded by Stefan Loble, who launched his idea via Kickstarter to get his clothing line into traveler’s hands.

Inspired by the performance of technical travel clothing, he built a pant that marries technical performance with office ready looks. In other words, designed with life’s overwhelming adventures in mind, which makes it ideal for avid travelers.

I decided to have one of the guys give them a try, so Stefan sent us a couple of pairs to put to the test. Built for travelers, there’s a side cell phone pocket for an iPhone or a Galaxy S4, hidden zippered security pockets in both front and back which are large enough for a passport or a travel wallet,  and extra deep pockets with zips in the back. They’re very lightweight and can dry quickly, which is critical when you’re on the road.

Their biggest value-add however, is that they’re wrinkle-free and can be worn multiple times without washing or maintenance. The idea is that one pair of Bluffs could be the one pair of pants you take to Southeast Asia for six weeks, or the one pair of pants you can wear to work six times without washing. A pair of Bluffs stand up to being rolled, folded, stuffed in a bag and, most important, can be worn time and time again without ironing or washing in between.

We got a thumbs up from one of our testers, who wore the pants while managing kids for a long weekend in New England and he also wore them to work one day. In his words (they’re VERY comfortable). He didn’t have to iron the pants even after they were smashed up with several other sets of clothing and shoes in a tight canvas bag. The second trip was an east coast jaunt, where once again, he didn’t have to iron them and was pleased to discover how quickly they dried after a quick hand wash on the road.

About the Material:

Bluff Works are sewn domestically in the Garment District of New York City and the fabric is manufactured in Taiwan and dyed under an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 product class II certificate, which independently validates that no harmful chemicals were used in the dying process. They achieve their wrinkle resistance from the way the polyester is woven and have been in wear testing for more than a year with fabulous results.

Available in four colors—khaki, brown, gray and black—Bluff Works pants are athletic-cut and made from the same high-performance polyester used for sports and outdoor apparel, with added stain-release technology. The pants can be machine-washed cold, line- or tumble-dried, or obviously washed by hand when traveling. They come in all waist sizes from 28” to 42” (including the odd 31, 33, 35, etc. sizes in between) and lengths range from 28” to 36”.

If interested in giving them a try, they’re taking orders over at Bluffworks 


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