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We had the opportunity to take the comprehensive Reiki Solas program that includes a host of courses that can at a minimum, certify you and if you continue with the program, you can become a Reiki Master. Think of it as an advanced system of energy healing but with incredibly powerful other tools woven in as well.

Created by Yogi, Kundalini Yoga and Reiki master Ricky Mathieson who is based out of Scotland, the system supports self-healing and spiritual development. Reiki Solas includes advanced Kundalini Reiki courses, ancient Eastern Yogic techniques guided meditations, and over 17 hours of HD video Reiki training. His Reiki courses are designed to be a natural and holistic way of bringing your body and mind into balance and harmony.

“Reiki is Love, Love is wholeness, wholeness is balance, balance is well-being, well-being is freedom from disease.”

– Master Usui

Reiki Solas is an advanced spiritual practice. Levels 1 to 4 are currently available which we completed and Level 5 will be launching soon. Reiki Solas will give you the advanced training, knowledge and attunement needed to improve every aspect of your life while developing spiritually. Here’s an interesting article from Ricky’s site that goes into a bit more depth including how science proves that reiki works.  

One of the things that we discovered through working with Reiki over the years including the new techniques from the Reiki Solas program, is that the energy work helps to balance emotions, improve health and even expand your consciousness.

Meet Reiki Solas

Reiki Solas is an advanced system of Reiki Training and energy channeling and includes Kundalini activation, ancient Yogic practices, meditations and advanced healing techniques used for personal growth and spiritual development.

Anthony and I were curious at the start – why Solas? After all, what’s the significance. It turns out that ‘Solas’ is the Scottish Gaelic word for ‘Light’, which is in reference to the spiritual illumination you can receive through doing the Reiki Training courses.

Among other benefits, Reiki is aimed at balancing one’s energy field, heightening awareness, reducing stress, releasing past trauma, connecting you deeper with nature (one of my favorite ways to connect), boosting your immune system, enhancing your healing abilities and of course, opening up the heart and calming the mind.

Levels 1 and 2 focus includes the background on Reiki, its aims and how you can use it as well as allows you to tune into some basic symbols that can be used for healing.  

Ricky teaching in one of his online video courses. Photo credit: Reiki Solas.

Reiki Solas Levels 3 and 4 includes the advanced practices, techniques and knowledge usually reserved only for expert healers, advanced channelers and spiritual masters.

Photo credit: Reiki Solas.

You learn how to use some of the most renowned Reiki symbols such as Choku Rei and Sei He Ki but also the long distance symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Dai Ko Myo and others as well. He also walks through some very powerful techniques such as a breath healing practice, how to use golden light to purify and beyond. His visualizations throughout the videos are excellent.

Golden Light. Photo credit: Reiki Solas

Another technique that he shows you is something referred to as Chiryo-Ho (see below).

The long distant Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol. Credit: Reiki Solas.

Ricki performing the “Reiki Sandwich” — gotta love the name. Credit: Reiki Solas.

Not only does he walk you through all the symbols, but shows you how to use them which includes ‘setting the scene and doing the groundwork’ in advance so your space is cleared (you’re clear) and ready to go before you begin. Personally, we always light candles and incense before we work with people and although not necessary, we often play relaxing music in the background as well.

Those who are familiar with Reiki and other forms of energy healing may have heard of Gass-Ho (or sometimes one word as Gassho), which simply means: placing your hands together as shown below. It is used in Buddhism as well and as a meditation or intention if you like, it serves to prepare us to do the work. Think of it as a symbol of or union of the divine masculine and divine feminine (or God and the Goddess, however you wish to see it). Many perform this simple but powerful gesture at the start and at the end of a Reiki session.     

Photo credit: Reiki Solas

Perhaps you’ve already been Reiki certified and are familiar with some of these symbols already but don’t let that stop you from taking his courses. His approach is truly unique in that he goes deep, not just into the symbols but into ‘why’ you’re doing it and the power of your intentions.

You see, while the symbols are an important part of the visualization you do when performing Reiki on yourself or others, if you don’t have the pure intention and allow yourself to be an empty vessel to ‘do the work’, then it’s not going to be as effective. You must let go in this process and surrender to the magic of Reiki for the real power to come through.  

Ricky also shows you how to work with the chakras as well. Reiki can be used to align your chakras as well as clear them. Personally, we also use crystal bowls often when working with the chakras as well for each note correlates to a chakra, i.e.,, C for the root chakra (depicted in red), F for the heart chakra (depicted in green), G for the throat chakra (depicted in blue) and so on.

Photo credit: Reiki Solas

We love how often Ricky reminds us to have an intention of love and service for when we sign up as energy healers, we are really here to help heal beyond what we can fathom with our linear minds. If we allow our analytical minds within this limited 3D construct to get in the way, we can’t manifest and create magic in our lives, whether this is for healing or financial abundance. It goes back to surrendering again and again.

Photo credit: Reiki Solas

What You Can Expect

His Reiki Solas Reiki Courses include attunement, certification, training through online video lectures and include bonus selections of advanced Reiki symbols to complement your practice and improve your personal development.

One of the things we love most about his teaching style is the level of clarity and passion he brings to each and every lesson. He has a great (and dry) sense of humor and reminds you to smile often. Quite frankly, as a species, we don’t smile enough and remember, physiology affects our health and well-being, for our energy and physical bodies are interconnected. And, kindness goes along way, not just the kindness we give to others but the self-love we must give to ourselves in order to be an effective energy healer.

All of their Reiki courses come with attunement, certification, personal tuition, extensive video lectures, advanced bonus Reiki symbols and access to Ricky’s private students Facebook group. All students also receive lifetime guidance and support direct from Mathieson, as well as 17 hours of HD video, 39 articles, guidance and support, downloadable guided meditations and more.  You also have full lifetime access to the content as well which is gracious.

Visit, which is his Self Help Healing School of sorts where you can take Levels 1-4 and more as he adds them over time. He calls it the Self Help Healing Institute for Self Awareness. Bravo Bravo – we’re fans of his teaching style, techniques and courses themselves.  We recommend it even if you’ve studied Reiki elsewhere, so give it a try. His program is truly powerful.

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