Monitor Your Body With Vanity Planet’s Body Analyzer & Scale

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We’re excited about a scale that also serves as a body analyzer that we were sent to review earlier this month.

If you don’t monitor your weight and check in on a physical scale every now and then, it’s a good idea. It helps you get a first hand look at where you’re currently at so you can work towards where you want to be, whether that is weight or something more granular like muscle mass or body fat. Meet Vanity Planet’s scale and body analyzer combo, which is a great combination for wellness geeks.

The Body Analyzer Digital Scale and Body Analyzer is not just your average scale — it’s a really great tool to track your “body” progress. You can easily measure and monitor your weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone density, and water weight. 

Through an undetectable electrical current transmitted through your body via the stainless steel pads on the scale platform – also known as Bio Impedance Analysis, or BIA.

Individually, these vital body composition statistics can indicate changes you need to make to your lifestyle, workout, or daily routine, but all of them together give you an accurate and complete picture of your overall health: 

  • Body Fat % – too little or too much body fat can negatively impact your health so identifying what it is in real time is powerful.
  • Muscle Mass – loss of muscle can decrease joint flexibility and strength as we age. Tracking muscle mass helps to ensure that weight loss is actually fat and not healthy muscle. Love this feature.
  • Bone Density – Our bones naturally weaken as we age. Drastic weight fluctuations, as can happen with crash or yo-yo dieting, may also negatively affect bone density, another great feature of this device.
  • Water Weight – Water makes up more than half of our body weight, and ensures that our cells are functioning properly. Maintaining a healthy water weight ensures that you’re losing fat while staying hydrated and healthy.

It’s pretty simple to set it up. I was a bit worried that it was going to take awhile to set up and require the kind of knowledge that it takes to set up the VCR – ugh!

To activate the Body Analyzer, all you do select your weight mode (Kilograms, Stones, or Pounds) depending on your preference and then you simply put the scale on a hard flat surface (it doesn’t work well on carpet btw).

Simply press down on the center of the platform with your foot, and then remove it, and then it will shut down and initialize. You’re set to go.

They suggest to get the most accurate reading to wipe your feet with a damp cloth and leave them slightly moist as you step onto the scale. I was surprised by this although we found that the reading was pretty much the same if you didn’t do this.

After you step off the scale, your measurements will be displayed and stay displayed for around ten or so seconds.

They also suggest that you do not store the device where it can be exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, moisture, sunlight or dust or in the same place where you storechemicals and cleaners. 

For more information on this product and other Vanity Planet products, check out their website.



Note: we are not advising or suggesting that this product will solve or help any health issues but is merely an opinion piece about trying the product. Pregnant women should always consult with their physician before use of this or any product. As always, ask for advice from your health practitioner before testing any product.


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