We Blog the World’s 2018 Valentines Day Gift Guide

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This year, I have compiled a Valentines Day Gift Guide with several items we have discovered across categories, from fashion, style and the home to technology, lifestyle and great reads.

Whether it’s for for your honey, your daughter, son or parent, here are some great Valentines Day Gift Guide choices for use on the road or at home.

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentines Day Gift Guide

In this year’s Valentines Day Gift Guide, we cover lifestyle, technology, style, home living and more. Enjoy!

Santa Fe Stained Glass Table Lamp

We love this bold and vibrant stained glass Santa Fe Table Lamp in what they refer to as Mission Style.  

Part of their Southwestern Collection, this beautiful stained glass lamp stands at 15.5 inches tall and features a diamond and arrow pattern that runs through the center of each side. I am a huge fan of the warm colors they used and the pretty blue accents.

This shade is hand-crafted from 128 pieces of both smooth and textured glass and the base is a roman column style with rope arms. The etching on the base echoes the arrow. (see below)

stained glass lamp - Spring Gift Guide

It requires one 25W bulb (not included) and the switch is inline with a 65 inch cord. This table lamp is available over on Amazon for less than $70.

Jabra Sport Coach

Their Jabra Sport Coach offers quality wireless audio (for listening to music — think gym workouts or power walks in your favorite city). They tout 5 hours of playtime and something they call in-ear audio coaching, which allows you to personalize your ear phones to your workout.

The Jabra Sport Coach offers a bunch of headphones that lock into your ears and won’t fall out, a necessary for anyone playing a sport or working out in the gym. Additionally, their COMPLY Isolation Premium Foam Ear Tips provide enhanced bass and passive noise cancellation, which is great for phone calls in the car or in noisier environments.

Spring Gift Guide

There’s also a built-in TrackFit motion sensor which automatically counts your reps and the Jabra Sport Life app, allows you to build a customized workout to better analyze your performance as well.  Given its diversity, functionality and durability, it was an easy pick for this year’s Valentines Day Gift Guide. Find it over on Amazon in a fun blue, yellow and red.

Boyatu Leather Backpack

This leather backpack and fashion travel bag combined is a great Valentines Day Gift Guide choice because of its versatility, wide array of colors and great price point.

Valentines Day Gift Guide

The leather has a soft back and top handle, a cover closure with leather drawstring, two side packs and 1 back pocket. I’m personally a fan of bags with tons of pockets and so rarely find them.

This great find has a generous pocket, one inner zippered pocket and one invisible pocket as well as a phone slot and a card slot. It makes it easy to carry your cell, wallet, cosmetics, IPAD, umbrella and other essential things you want when you’re on the road.

It’s portable and is around 11 inches by 12.5 by 4.7.  The shoulder bag has a buckle fastening adjustable shoulder strap and can be changed to be used as either a backpack, messenger bag, shoulder bag, handbag, sling bag or a Hobo. 

Valentines day Gift guide

We love that it also comes in a number of great elegant colors, including navy blue, gray (shown below), black, off-white and gold. Find it over on Amazon.

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Society Socks

Society Socks are all about creativity and designed for folks who love to express their individuality regardless of where they hail. Society Socks supports the notion that socks shouldn’t be dull and colorless, but bold and expressive. And, they most definitely are bold and expressive.

Society Socks

Society Socks

They also offer a subscription model which is unique. You can just order a pair or two, but their interesting subscription model puts a little different twist on adding creativity to your wardrobe. Why not get creative regularly?

You can simply choose whatever subscription you want (the length of your sock subscription) from Society Socks and you will receive two pairs of socks monthly. It’s a fun model from a fun brand and a great addition to our Valentines Day Gift this year.

Spring Gift Guide

For more information, visit their website on their current collection and how to order.

14k Gold, Pearl & Ruby Bracelet 

I’ve never been a big red girl so although Rubies intrigue me and apparently are aligned with my astrological chart, numbers and so on, I’ve always gravitated to blues, greens, browns and earth tones. That said, this Ruby bracelet with beautiful cultured pearls really jumped for us when we saw it.

Ruby bracelet valentines day gift guide

It comes as a 14k Yellow Gold bracelet with white freshwater cultured pearls with 4 mm simulated gemstones. The bracelet has a clasp enclosure and its simplicity and elegance makes it a great option for that elegant dress or formal event, but could also look great with a lovely white top and jeans. 

valentines day gift guide

It also comes as an option in Black Spinel with cultured pearls as well as Blue Sapphire, one of my favorites. It is assembled and designed in the states and there’s a 45 day return policy. Find it on Amazon for just under $125.

Maxim’s de Paris Gourmet Chocolates

Regardless of where you live, why not bring a little Paris into the Valentines Day holiday? After all, chocolate is divine in Paris — trust me, I know. There was a time when I would go to Paris several times a year on business, including in the dead of winter.

Even on bitter cold winter day, I’d venture into an artisan chocolate shop, wait for what appeared to be an eternity for them to package my individual chocolates and then stand in the middle of a cobblestone street somewhere in the Marais eating them little bite after little bite while my hands froze. We’re fans of Maxim’s de Paris among other artisan chocolate makers in France.

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Maxim’s was founded as a bistro Rue Royale in Paris in 1893 by M. Maxime Gaillard, but really started to earn its reputation under its subsequent owner, M. Eugene Cornuché. Today owned by M. Pierre Cardin, Maxim’s luxurious restaurants are located in several countries beside France.

You can get these beautiful tins by Maxim’s de Paris which contains 16 delicious praline chocolate rochers with milk chocolate and hazelnuts. These French gourmet chocolates are ideal as a gift for any holiday and makes it an easy addition to our Valentines Day Gift Guide.

Valentines Day Gift guide

You can find this decadent looking tin over on Amazon.

Handmade Pottery & Earring Holder

We love finding handmade artisan items which are affordable, especially for a holiday gift. These beautiful handmade pottery pieces are made by Barb Lund in her backyard studio in Bloomington Indiana and while they are beautiful enough to act as a piece on their own anywhere in your home, they are designed to also hold earrings.

What a beautiful way to organize earrings however its center column is open making it perfect as a vase for fresh flowers as well.  The design of the piece is roughly five inches by 4.5 inches and has approximately 50 holes. Stunning right? It is also signed by the artist herself.

We also love the wide variety of color combos they offer. With over 11 combinations to choose from, you are sure to find one that gels with you.

Barb Lund began her work in functional pottery in 1986. Due to handcrafting and the dynamic nature of the glazes, each holder is unique, and variations should be anticipated. Find them over on Amazon for under $40, an incredible deal.

Valentines day Gift guide

Wellness & Spiritual Books

We have an entire section to spiritual books, so be sure to check it out as we’re always discovering some amazing new authors. We thought we’d include a couple of picks in this Valentines Day Gift Guide as great choices to bring on your Spring and Summer escapes.

The Heart of Wellness by Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan aims to bridge Western and Eastern Medicine, with a goal to transform your relationship with your day-to-day habits, lifestyle and overall health. You’ll learn about the nature of disease, role of diet, exercise and medication and how in a useful way, you can combine the best of west and east ways of thinking and practice to improve your well-being. Kavitha’s book is available on Amazon.

Spiritual Books - Spring Gift Guide

The Sun Sign Book by Llewllyn Publishing is a very comprehensive guide to horoscopes that explore love, money and success. Written by Kim Rogers-Gallagher, this annual guide teaches you which areas in your life have potential for great success and where you may need additional work. We love their Sun Sign Action Table which give you the best times to do certain activities, whether its starting a new job, going on vacation or anything related to finances. It’s a great astrological primer for beginners and also features a solid astrological overview for the 2018 year. It’s available over on Amazon.

Grief Works by Julia Samuel weaves you through one story after another about life, death and surviving. Let’s face it, we’ve all experienced some grief in our life even if you’d had the good fortune of not yet losing a parent or child. Because mourning is still misunderstood and often ignored, we often deal with our grief without help. Fear is usually at the root of grief, as well as lack of understanding and the feeling of physical loss. Given Julia’s work as a grief psychotherapist, she provides insights on how grief, it approached in a healthy way, can heal us. This great read is available over on Amazon.

It’s a Wrap

We hope you found some great selections in this year’s WBTW Valentines Day Gift Guide for this romantic holiday. Let us know what you think and don’t forget to acknowledge those you love and matter most in your life, whether it’s your sweetheart, boss, friend, neighbor, aunt, cousin or child.

While we love that a holiday exists to pay homage to those we love, its a great time to reflect and acknowledge that we should be grateful for those in our life each and every day regardless of what Hallmark-like dates exist on a calendar.


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