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If you’ve been exploring higher consciousness, spirituality and authors, teachers and speakers for awhile, chances are you’ve come across the work of Tim Freke. Even though he is England-based, Tim Freke speaks at large and small venues around the world, including the Ozora Festival in Hungary and the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck New York.

Inside the World of Tim Freke

A natural inspirational speaker and fluid writer, Tim Freke shares his human-centered approach to awakening and explores leading-edge ideas about science, the evolving cosmos, the nature of death, and the purpose of life. We had a chance to sit down with Tim for a Q&A earlier this summer which is reflected in our interview below.

Tim Freke

Inside the world of Tim Freke

Renee: People in some circles suggest that the veil between the Spiritual plane and the Earth plane has been getting thinner since around 2012. Do you feel that this accelerated interest in spirituality has to do with the coming of the Age of Aquarius?

Tim: I live in Glasterbury which is the center for this kind of thinking. Because of that, I’m more skeptical. I’ve seen constant dates where everything is going to shift and it hasn’t happened. I don’t think that focusing on a date is useful — everything isn’t going to change because of date.  If we hadn’t fixated on a date, we wouldn’t even notice. It’s not being done to us. We’re in an evolutionary process in which we have to do it. The dates are largely made up and we need to take responsibility ourselves for the transformation.

We’re in an extraordinary process of evolution which has been going on for 3.8 billion years and its now accelerating at a fast pace right now. I think focusing on dates is simply a distraction.

Side note for readers who may not know of Glastonbury. The town of Glastonbury is located in southwest England and known for its ancient and medieval sites, many rich in myth. Once said to be King Arthur’s burial place, Glastonbury Abbey is a ruined monastery dating to the 7th century.  

Renee: The Law of Attraction and the work of Wayne Dyer and Esther & Jerry Hicks all talk about how our choices create a vibrational match with the universe and from that vibrational match, we get what we create — from our daily words and actions.  You write in your books: we are what we choose. Does this play into this notion and how what we do and say and are simply show up in our human experience?

Tim: I have had some pretty convincing experiences of what would be termed magic or the law of attraction. I don’t like the phrase the law of attraction because its mimicking….its misleading.

The mistake is that it works and it works only sometimes. That’s true for me and everyone I know. Here’s the issue with it. The mistake is made by most people who teach spirituality is that they’ve created metaphysics which says:

“your whole life is a response to your intentions. If you have good intentions, good things come your way and if you have bad intentions, you get cancer. If you’re not thinking clearly, things don’t happen for you or you cannot heal anything.”

I think this is a metaphysics way of thinking which doesn’t work – saying to people that they can heal anything is cruel. If this were true, who created our marriage? Me or my wife? Who created my daughter? Does she play a role in this or is it all me? It falls to bits if you think about it too closely.

But, there is something there. I developed a concept called narrativity. In other words, the domain of soul and the domain of images are marked out by soul and by images. By story. By narrative. I suspect what’s happening is that we’ve seen a first phase of evolution.

Think about it. There’s the physical universe, which is the first phrase is causality and very rigid. By the time it reaches biology, its more complicated where there are different laws. When you get to soul, it’s having an effect on the whole thing. There’s an ecology of narrative, just like there’s an ecology of physics. It’s not just me doing it or just you.

“What’s happening is that all of our intentions and all of our stories are affecting each other which is why sometimes it works really well and sometimes it doesn’t. — Tim Freke”

It’s why we need to get away from this narrative that everything is all powerful – that you can heal anything in your body. Beautiful people have bad things happen to them all the time.

Everything is happening – on a physical level, a biological level and a narrative soul level. And, they’re all interconnected and all happening together while interacting with each other.

Consider the physical level, which is what’s happening here and now.

Then, there’s the biological world which are the plants outside and the air that we breathe.

The soul level is profound in that it’s in a different dimension, ideas, images, etc. Think about it in that it doesn’t exist in space and has no physical realm.

Right now, you’re hearing ideas which is a soul level, and I’m writing it down using a pen which is at a physical level.

All of these spheres are interacting with each other all the time. The mistake made by so many is that they think because it works sometimes, it could work all the time. It’s not just soul level – all the others are still here.

Says Tim reflecting on a time in his life when intention worked for him when he was around 30 years of age. He says, “I was 30, working as a musician and wanted to make an album. This was a powerful time of my life when intention worked in a powerful way. Literally within two weeks, we were given a huge amount of money to do all the things we wanted to do. It was through a medium in a wheel chair who received messages from what he referred to as the L’s to give us the money.”

Tim Freke

Tim Freke in the heart of London

Renee: How can a soul exist in different realms? And also, could you elaborate on Soul stream which you talk about in your latest book?

Tim: If I look right now, I exist as body and soul because I’m experiencing a stream of sensations which is in the body and a stream of imagination which is the soul. Soul Stream is a stream of experiences, which is not physical – this stream is in the spiritual world and made up of imagination: ideas and images.

I already exist in the soul dimension – when the body dies, the soul continues to exist in the imagination. And, that seems to be perfectly possible. It enables me to understand a different experience: my experience is that if you go off and explore the soul/spiritual realm, it’s huge. We exist in it already – in our mind, we go deeper in dreams and much deeper when our body dies. But, you can also go into it now by journeying, meditation and other things.

I think this is what mediums are doing – they’re shamans really. They’re going into that soul dimension. We already exist in all of those dimensions I think. How can it carry on and go on living without a body? It’s because it’s not dependent upon the body. It has risen from the body and biology – but “it” (aka the soul) has evolved to a level which is non-material.

Here’s a great analogy for you in your Silicon Valley world. Think of it like information you have on your computer and information on the cloud. It’s all the same information, right? All my stuff is on my computer, but if my computer were to die, it’s also on the cloud. In other words, the information is still alive even if the physical computer dies.

That’s the relationship between the soul and the body. When the body fails (my brain and my body interacts) but when the body falls away, the soul’s information still exists in the cloud if you will. It’s not dependent on the body — they’re linked.

Renee: That makes sense if we keep repeating lifetime after lifetime – we have the memory in our DNA (in the cloud if you will) except that we forget purposely, because we want to learn a particular lesson that we haven’t mastered before. If we’re here to do our Soul’s Purpose, we wouldn’t learn if we remembered all of that “data” from our previous life’s experiences.

Tim Freke Soul's Story

Renee:  Do you believe that souls can exist in different realms at the same time? How many different universes are there? What about multiverses?

Tim: The soul dimension is a multi-layered vast dimension. We experience it anyway we choose to experience it. You can live in your soul in a dark place, a creative place, a boring place or an exciting place.  We are evolving our understanding of it now.

The model which works for me intuitively is what I call as the genealogical universe. It’s the idea that universe gives birth to other universes.

Sir Roger Penrose, the famous English mathematical physicist speaks of this. (Note: According to a piece on Big Think, together with noted anesthesiologist Stuart Hammeroff, who teaches at the University of Arizona, Penrose came up with the Orchestrated Objective Reduction Theory of the mind. In other words, Penrose thinks that consciousness has quantum origins.)

This is what I see: this universe has arisen from previous universes. Whether that means there’s other universes, I have no idea. The Big Bang is the beginning of only our universe, not all universes.

We’re merely trying to speculate in an intelligent way. I wouldn’t know how to tell how many universes there are. Consider that we started thinking that our galaxy was the only galaxy and then we discovered that there are a hundred billion galaxies, so it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that there are countless other universes out there if we take that lesson from history.

Renee: Is life nothing more than a perception of who are?

Tim: Life is a perception and realization of who and what we are.  Ultimately, we’re the souls of the universe, because we’re all expressions of one thing. The universe is self-realizing: it is seeing its potentiality of being and it’s coming to know itself. In that way, everything is a perception of or a realization of what we are….emergent realization of who and what we are. For me, everything is emergent/emerging through this process of time.

“Ultimately, we’re the souls of the universe, because we’re all expressions of one thing. Everything is a perception of or a realization of what we are.”

The Collective Soul is where it’s going. As we wake up to this notion of and realization of oneness, our souls become aware that although they’re individual, they’re also one. They start the communion of souls, which is giving rise to the being of LOVE, consciousness of oneness and the being of ONENESS, that we are all one, which is God.

Renee: Let’s talk about the Transcendent Spirit: do you see this as emergent of more awakened souls? Is the idea of true evolvement that we come together collectively to accelerate consciousness?

Tim: As we wake up to our being, which is one, we become more individual – we become more conscious and then to become more conscious back to who we really are. That’s where this conscious of our oneness through our individuality is going – at that point, a Communion of Soul is arising.

Think of our bodies as cells. All these little cells have come together and in just the same way, the individual souls are also coming together. The Transcendent Spirit is that we are consciously one with God.  The being of love.

That’s where the universe is moving too — it’s moving from this unconscious potentiality to one which is more one, to conscious oneness.  The universe is emerging as God because of this collective soul emergence.

So, think about the Collective Soul as where it’s going: God as a conscious oneness, a being of Love. This is like most “emergent” things — it builds on lessons.  Our job is to accelerate this as quickly as possible.

Ultimately, we have to find love. Once you wake up, finding the love is easy. But the harder piece is finding the wisdom of how to love. This is what is hard. I am learning this every day.

Tim Freke

We have to find love says Tim Freke

The issue with living in an evolving universe is that we still have to live with physics of the lower levels all around us. We can’t get away from the things that are real around us, like biology and the need to eat.

All the lesser levels haven’t gone away so we need to live with the laws of physics. When we needed to learn how to fly, we needed to learn how to fly within the laws of physics.

Culturally, there are people who have evolved that they know it’s really just all about love but there’s a bunch of people who haven’t learned that yet and live from fear and they’ll throw out someone like Trump into leadership. He shows us where we are collectively and where we are collectively is all over the place.

We have to live with the lesser levels and versions of us culturally and socially. And so, we need to live with the whole spectrum on the Earth plane. Think about it: there are still alligators and very early forms of life. No matter how evolved we become, we still have to live with the lesser evolved around us.  It’s true in society as well.

Renee: Where does this information come from? While you’re not a traditional medium, clearly Spirit is working through you.

Tim: What I do is work on a set of problems. I become very clear about the question. I walk, I meditate. Sooner or later, things will start coming to me. I will allow the intuitions to arise and then I’m highly critical. Most of them don’t start with being criticized. In the process of criticizing them, something new emerges and always more clarity.

Things arise in the imagination in the whole process. I look for an understanding that works for me and I can’t settle for “that’ll do”. Much to my surprise, the whole vision for Soul Story started to come together and make sense, which was very exciting. It’s like a gift but a gift that works for me.

Tim Freke

Award-winning writer, speaker and thinker Tim Freke

Renee: Is the past, present and the future the same?

Tim:  No, it’s not the same. The present is the past and the possible. The possible is the potentiality in which everything is arising. And, the past is everything that has already happened.

In the moment, you have the potentiality of something that has never happened yet and the past – everything which has already happened.  You and I are here are here at the end of a time stream that started 13.8 billion years ago. All past is implicit in this moment.

Every moment, there’s a new possibility being realized. In every moment, it realizes a new possibility. In the future, there’s a future possibility of everything that can be.  And yet in this moment, everything that has happened – the universe forming, our parents being born, the emails we have sent to each other before this call – all of that is implicit right now. That’s why the past is so important to understand.

So, while the past hasn’t gone anywhere, there are opposites in every moment (the present and the past). Time is accumulating, it’s not disappearing – there’s a greater richness of what exists today because of our history and past.

As it is accumulates, there’s a greater richness of what exists, and that richness is why it’s all evolving. It’s because there’s more information.

As for time, if you mean there is a sequence of events, then everything follows something else. Even in our Soul, there’s no planets that go around the sun as a way to measure time, but one thought still follows another. Time is not linear but it does accumulate. This is the fundamental nature of what I call Time Stream.

Time stream is a sequence of experiences of a sequence of events. I can’t see any way around that.

If you were to go back to the beginning of this conversation, that moment could be repeated but it would still include this conversation. There will always be the next thing and the next thing, which includes the things that happened before.

You’re interacting with this incredible process of evolution which is giving birth to something greater than us, which is God. We are engaged in that creative process and it matters precisely because it hasn’t happened before. Everything is happening for the first time –it’s brand new. You don’t know what’s going to happen next. That’s what makes life existing.

Renee: how do you define what many spiritualists are referring to as the Ascension Process that is bringing all of us now into the 5th dimension at greater speeds than ever before?

Tim: Spirituality isn’t growing faster — it’s very slow. Considering the state the planet is in right now, we need the deepest wisdom to be available. Most of spirituality is still caught in this superstitious cult-like nonsense. Cults create a meme and way of talking – a new language you can be part of, i.e., we’re all gonna move to a new dimension.

Let’s really see the depth of this dimension that our soul is experiencing all the time and find this fundamental oneness that is staring us in the face all the time.  That’s huge enough – we don’t need another distraction. It’s in the way and it’s not helping. I lost patience with it around ten years ago.

I think even the word Ascension isn’t helpful. We need to wake up to what’s here and now. The last thing we need to do is get away from it as it will only hold back our evolution.

What I love about the evolutionary picture that I paint in Soul Story is that it’s very optimistic, it’s not about a fall. You haven’t fallen from somewhere. The universe isn’t some fuck up. See what is happening here and now and it’s so extraordinary when you realize it exists — we just need to tap into it.

“We are the universe. We don’t need to ascend anywhere. We’re rooted in the universe, and we just need to grow up from there and into soul and spirit. — Tim Freke”

Soul is something you’re experiencing right now – we’re always experiencing it. Spirit is just a word for our ground of being. It’s not a revolutionary thing and it’s not another dimension. See what’s going on right now in front of you and be present with it — it’s truly extraordinary. The rest of it seems like a distraction.

There’s the notion that the Soul always existed and we’ve fallen from it. That’s why the body is seen is a bad thing. For example, pleasure and sex are considered bad things however all of these are trapping you into a lower dimension.

I think we can keep all the wisdom about spirituality and the soul – all we need to do is realize or just change the way we see it.

Everything has evolved from the past. Physical universe, biological universe and out of that has created soul. When the body dies, we continue to exist. Ancient tribal societies talk about the afterlife as “like a dream – it’s not like a dream to dismiss it but it IS like emergent reality and an evolutionary process.

The Latest Books by Tim Freke 

Tim Freke is the author of 35 books which have been translated into more than 15 languages.

Tim Freke Deep Awake

Deep Awake by Tim Freke – Wake up to Oneness & Celebrate Your Individuality

His books span a variety of categories in mysticism, philosophy, awakening and spirituality.

You can find his latest books Deep Awake and Soul Story over on Amazon. When we started reading them upon arrival, we couldn’t put them down. Using easy-to-read and process language throughout, his style is relaxed, casual and compelling.

In Deep Awake, Tim talks about both the ‘deep I’ and ‘personal self’. The deep I refers to our spiritual essence, which is one with everyone and everything around us and the feeling of divine love which is unbounded and limitless.

He asserts that the personal self is our tender humanity, which feels pleasure and pain, hope and heartache, love and loss. This personal self which is also us feels separate from the world.

Unlike so many spiritualists and teachers who teach that ego is to be controlled and squashed, Tim suggests that ego is not the villain at all but in fact, the hero. This is where the individuality and oneness paradox comes into play. This brave, bold look at spirituality in a modern world can be found on Amazon.

Tim Freke Soul Story

Tim Freke and the Soul Story

In the Soul Story, Tim Freke focuses on our ‘soul crisis’ in modern culture that has arisen from lack of meaning. I love that he integrates the deepest insights of science and spirituality together to create a new model of human identity, so feel that his books will resonate with people who are on a path to higher consciousness but are either confused or put off by the less than approachable language so many spiritual books use.

Tim Freke asserts that our ‘psyche’ or ‘soul’, “which we are experiencing right now as a stream of thoughts and images that don’t exist in space and aren’t made of matter.”

In other words, “the universe is coming to know itself through each one of us and this process doesn’t end at death, because the evolution of soul has also been the evolution of immortality.”  There’s so much wow in this book. The magnificent read The Soul Story by Tim Freke is also available on Amazon.





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