The Japanese Are Also Celebrating Obama’s Win

Americans weren’t the only ones celebrating President Obama’s re-election the other day. Two towns in Japan named Obama (which means “little beach” in Japanese) were basking in the glow of his political success.

Obama castle

Obama city in Fukui Prefecture lies at the first natural harbour north of Kyoto and as such is a popular destination for that city’s residents. It’s well known for its Wakasa gifts like traditional Japanese paper, clay tiles, lacquer ware and these chopsticks (over 80% of Japan’s chopsticks from Obama in Fukui):

Wakasa chopsticks

Back in 2006  Obama was sent a present of these chopsticks as well as a DVD about the town by the Mayor after the American President mentioned that he’d found out about the town while going through Narita Airport Customs when one of the officials wondered if he was actually from there.

For the 2008 campaign the town produced Obama t-shirts, posters and manju sweets showing the Obama’s head – both front and back views! (They’re made of flour and rice with a sweet azuki bean filling):

Obama manju confectionery

The Hula Girls of Obama made an appearance in Hawaii after his nomination as Presidential nominee (great publicity for them):

And to celebrate his win, the “Obama Informal Booster Association” alongside a giant cat and the Hula Girls of Obama, in their home town this time, celebrated with a dance at the local temple:

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