Thai-Lao Food and That Darn Lao Whiskey


Laos. Food. Amazing. Take a Look.

2010 Thai-Lao Trip Food: The End

We went to a little outdoor place along the side of the road.  This truck, packed full of motorcycles bound for Viet Nam, was right beside us.  I couldn’t help noticing a very interesting detail about this truck:

2010 Thai-Lao Trip Food: The End

The Rambo mudflaps!  That gave us a good laugh.  There were some beggar kids hanging around but I got the impression that they weren’t really beggars – they just wanted us to buy them lunch.  That didn’t happen.  But here’s what we did eat:

2010 Thai-Lao Trip Food: The End

This is a dish of mixed vegetables and beef, Lao style that Hui-chen ordered.  The chef was Chinese and the restaurant was run by a Chinese lady, so I’m not sure if the flavor was more influenced by local tastes or regional Chinese tastes.  But no matter what, it was great.

2010 Thai-Lao Trip Food: The End

I wanted the fried shrimp but they were out, so I settled on the fried chicken.  This version was really good and I wish I could have had it in the evening with some Lao whisky.

MJ Klein
Former field engineer MJ Klein now lives in Taiwan, and writes articles that primarily feature photographs of travels of MJ and wife Hui-chen, plus daily goings on in the bustling island nation of Taiwan, and other places in Asia. Articles feature people, culture, food, situations and sometimes the trials and tribulations of traveling in places such as China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Laos and of course Taiwan.
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