Sunset & Sand Dunes in Iran's Kaluts Desert

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When in Iran, must visit the desert and one of the spectacular places to watch the sun go down is the Kaluts desert. The Kaluts desert is best reached from the city of Kerman in South Eastern in Iran.  The Kaluts desert is essentially a sandy and muddy desert plain north east of Kerman, an area of little or no vegetation, and there’s very little water that hits the region making it incredibly dry and arid most of the year.  The shapes of the massive sandy rock protrusions are unusual and as you pass spectacles like this, you realize you’re a long long way from Kansas.

iran kaluts desert

Below, driving to the Kaluts desert in Iran.

kaluts desert drive iran

The Kaluts Desert is about 145 kilometres long and 80 kilometres wide. You can catch a day tour for around $10 US which includes stop offs, where your driver to wait for you at each stop off point. Since there is no public transportation, hiring a driver is the best way to go.

kaluts desert iran

As far as sunsets go, the location of this one is quite stunning. As we watched the sunset in a land of desert where you can hear a pin drop, it disappeared below the horizon and suddenly the light had gone.

sunset kaluts iran

Sunset in the Kaluts desert. Somewhat epic.

kaluts desert iran

Can you spend a night in the Kaluts Desert? Yes you can. But we didn’t – our desert experiences in Iran would come later in Mesr and Khoor. There are rumours that staying overnight in the Kaluts desert is forbidden, but it hasn’t been confirmed. After all, how would they find you in this massive space?

Jonny Blair kaluts desert iran


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