Summer in China: High Fashion & High Temps


An aggregate of happenings from the summer of 2011 in China. This dress has been sighted in every corner of China this summer, on every manner of lady.

This dress has been spotted in all shapes and sizes

The serviceable navy blue and white-striped dress first cropped up in late June, pushing its way to ubiquity around late July.  You can’t go 24 hours in any Chinese city without seeing it.  More photos, for your consideration:

The dress on display in Wuxi…

…and on the streets in Guangzhou…

…and in the train station, bound for other cities.

This comically bad imitation of M&Ms candies was spotted in the supermarket:

Copyright laws melt in your mouth, not in your hand!











Prized fighting crickets were being hocked by a street vendor.  I missed the opportunity to scoop up a pair and pit them against one another in mortal kombat, or any other kind of kombat for that matter.

A cricket in its cage

Other street vendors were not so lucky.  The chengguan continued their campaign of harassment, unabated by the high summer heat.







Finally, we made a trip to Guangzhou.  The sights included the Pearl River, Shamian Island, and the U.S. Consulate.

Rory Keane
Rory Keane is an American-born teacher and writer who has logged nearly two years in China, and is working on another year-long stint in the Middle Kingdom. He writes about travel, sociopolitical issues, health, entertainment, and culture, among other topics.
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