The Spa on Rodeo for Luxe Pampering in Beverly Hills

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If you’re heading to Los Angeles, a spa treatment should be on your must do list regardless of what neighborhood you’re heading to and if Beverly Hills is your stop, then the Spa on Rodeo is a great option for day trippers.

This day spa is located in the heart of Beverly Hills on the Garden level of the Rodeo Collection on North Rodeo Drive.

The Spa on Rodeo

Pedicures at The Spa on Rodeo

The Spa On Rodeo offers body treatments, massages and facials that will relax your mind and body in a harmonious environment. They also have a a steam room that actually works the way it’s designed to — how many times have you gone to a luxury spa and their steam room isn’t hot enough? Or large enough?

The spa was created by Board Certified foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Bobby Pourziaee, with the intention of initiating healing and wellness from the ground up. The addition of alternative therapies was the inspiration behind The Spa on Rodeo.  

They have an incredible section inside the Spa dedicated to pedicures and manicures – have that cup of tea, sit back and relax while your feet are transformed.

The Spa on Rodeo

Their pedicures are prepared in raw copper basins and include soaks which are infused with detoxifying chlorophyll and soothing coconut milk. You can then choose from an uplifting essential oil blend of eucalyptus and lemongrass or a calming combination of chamomile and lavender.

Their Rodeo Pedicure includes all the benefits of a classic pedicure paired with warm paraffin dip, retexturizing enzyme mask and a foot reflexology treatment.  

They also have their own line of skin products to choose from at the Spa on Rodeo as well as water bottles and other items for sale.

The Spa on Rodeo’s 9021-O is an oxygen rich mist full of nutrients found in nature.  The Spa On Rodeo’s Opulence Crème helps to soften fine lines and wrinkles.

Illumineyez from The Spa on Rodeo is a natural firming eye serum that aims to relax fine lines and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

The Spa on Rodeo

The Spa on Rodeo

The Spa on Rodeo

Outside the spa are galleries, shops, and divine cafes where you can pamper yourself in other ways — it makes for a great afternoon trip with a girlfriend or solo time for yourself to simply get away and unwind. We should always make time for pampering and the Spa on Rodeo is a great spot when you head to Beverly Hills.

The Spa on Rodeo

The Spa on Rodeo

The Spa on Rodeo

The Spa on Rodeo Body Treatments

I had a classic massage at the Spa on Rodeo that is typically customized to fit your individual needs and issues. My therapist was so incredible that she wrote down tips she shared with me during my session on a note card afterwards so I didn’t need to remember a thing.

Some of their massage treatments include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Stretching, Myofascial Release, Lympathic Drainage, Sports and Prenatal. Although I didn’t opt for the Hot Stone Massage, they offer one using heated basalt stones and therapeutic essential oils to detoxify and relax. I’ve always been a fan of hot stone massages so was thrilled to see it on the list.

They also feature Cranial Sacral, a form of energy massage which utilizes the listening stations of the body, as well as sole reflexology. I’m also a big fan of both and rarely do you see Cranial Sacral offered at a luxury spa, so a huge kudos to the Spa on Rodeo team for going the extra mile.

One of their signature services is Cupping, an alternative medicine practice which dates back as early as ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Middle Eastern cultures. The use of cups allows for the stretching and opening of muscle tissue. This lifting creates space to drain toxins from the cells and remove waste through the lymphatic system. I had it done recently during a spa treatment in the San Francisco Bay Area and loved it.

It is meant to be effective against depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and chronic joint conditions. Cupping is also available for the face, cellulite, belly and feet.

The Spa on Rodeo Skincare Treatments

One of their paramedical estheticians will help determine a customized skincare treatment best suited for your individual needs and problem areas, whether its anti-aging, hormonal issues or problematic blemish-prone skin.

In addition to their own paramedical line, they also feature 100% certified organic skincare products with all-natural healing ingredients extracted from nature, which we applaud.  

In addition to their more classic spa treatments, they also offer Juvederm, Botox, spray tanning, body contour wraps and stretch mark revision.  

The spa on rodeo

Head on over to their website for more information on the Spa on Rodeo including the services they offer and how to make a reservation. Be sure to check out our Spa Section for more great experiences we’ve had around the world.


The Spa on Rodeo

421 N Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(424) 284-8040

Their website has more information including how to make a reservation.



Note: we were hosted by the spa but all opinions expressed are entirely our own.


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