Soulful Grounds of Calaruega Philippines


Photo by Jerilyn Cunanan-Paje

Of course, we do have time to take our rest at least once a week. If you are very tired, you’d choose to spend it rolling in your bed at home, thinking that this might do the trick to recharge your drained body and soul. It’s curious as to why the constitution of every democratic country still requires a certain number of hours off work weekly, when its people are given enough time to sleep daily.

Even religious books speak of having to take a break once in a while and not just at home – it points to the relevance of having to go outside.

“Come by yourselves to an out of the way place… and rest a little.” Mark 6:31

Photo by Jerilyn Cunanan-Paje

How long has it been since you’ve enjoyed cool wind gently rushing to your cheeks, and realized how the rush made all your stress go away? Indeed, Caleruega is a haven for relaxation and sunshine. With an old-world feel emanating from its Hispanic architecture to the simple delight of feeding the plump, darting koi in its ponds, anyone can surely be coaxed to let his guard down, behold the refreshing aura of its scenery and ultimately feel his unity with Mother Nature.

Groups and individuals can come for hours to days of bonding and soul-searching while trekking on the green rolls of its serene hills and the sweet, demure scent of its colorful shrubbery. Located in Brgy, Kaylaway, Batulao, Batangas, it is only a few kilometers away from Tagaytay, its landmark being the Evercrest Resort and Golf Course that can easily be spotted before reaching Nasugbu Town.

Named after the birthplace of St. Dominic, it was meant as a sanctuary for the Dominican priests. They have versions of it all over the globe that are of equal, if not of more beauty and history about each one, and they choose to share such peaceful surroundings to everyone seeking for a place of solace. Open to several spiritual activities like weddings, retreats, and multiple workshops, it is very conducive for Divine inspiration and personal actualization of one’s ideals.

Photo by Jerilyn Cunanan-Paje

So, the next time that you find yourselves being whisked to Tagaytay for drinks and merrymaking, dedicate a few moments to visit the soulful grounds of Caleruega. Open to people of all faiths, it is one of those few places depicting human unity in diversity, and a genuine, relaxed spirituality that need not be limited to traditional practice.




Judy Razon
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Currently based in the U.S., she is also a published travel photographer for SE Asian English-language glossy magazine publications and has a passion for music, film and photography.
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