Shenzhen China’s Window of the World

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Jonny Blair of Don't Stop Living at the window of the world in shenzhen china

Window of the World in Shenzhen, China. Where Can You See The Empire State Building, the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tower all in one day? The answer is the Chinese city of Shenzhen, in the Guangdong Province. This city, also lies right on the border to Hong Kong, and indeed there are a lot of immigration points in Shenzhen. Window of the World has to be one of the oddest places I’ve been on my travels. It’s basically a mini theme park (minus the mega rollercoasters and cartoon characters) that aims to bring the entire world to Shenzhen.

Angkor Wat miniature in Shenzhen China

Is there any point in going to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, when you can see it here in Shenzhen??

For a global traveller like me, it seemed a bit odd. For hundreds of Chinese people, it seems like an awesome way to spend the day. Well, if you’re never going to visit the real New York in your life, you might as well see a miniature replica, right? Yes, and this is why Window of the World has hit a niche. It really is the whole world in one small park!! I headed there more out of curiosity and to check it out, rather than the necessity to actually see it.

Jonny Blair at the Mount Rushmore miniature in Shenzhen China

I’ve been to Mount Rushmore!! Ok so I haven’t really, but a miniature version will do!!

How to get to Window of the World in Shenzhen? It has its own station on the Shenzhen Network, called the Window of the World station. It’s on metro line 1.

Shenzhen metro map - window of the world station.

As of my visit in September 2012, it was 160 Yuan for a single entry ticket for an adult, which lasts all day.

what a ticket for window of the world looks like

160 RMB – my ticket for the Window of the World in Shenzhen, CHINA

What exactly is Window of the World in Shenzhen? As its charming title suggests, Window of the World is basically exactly that – a small window to view the world. This theme park aims to cover the entire globe with its replicas and representations of cities, towns, islands, buildings and monuments the world over!

window of the world sydney opera house in shenzhen china

What Sydney Opera House looks like in miniature in Shenzhen, China!

I won’t spoil your trip by telling you exactly what’s there, but their website will have some details and basically you can see these global sites in miniature along with a host of others:

– The Taj Mahal, INDIA


– Sydney Opera House, AUSTRALIA

– San Marco Square, Venice, ITALY

Fake Arc de Trioumph in Shenzhen China


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