Sacred Geometry for Healing & Deeper Connection

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Did you know that Galileo described the universe as a large book written in the language of mathematics? And that it can only be read by those who understood and could decipher its characters, which come in the form of triangles, circles and other geometric figures? If you’re interested in sacred geometry, a really great read is How the World is Made, the Story of Creation According to Sacred Geometry by John Mitchell.

As a creative person who connects to art rather than math, the world according to numbers feels a little daunting to me, although I’ve always been fascinated by the meaning behind numbers (Alana Fairchild has a great read on understanding the messages behinds certain numbers and number pairings, called Messages in the Numbers).

When it comes to geometry, things begin to feel even more daunting. I never quite understood why I’ve always been drawn to sacred symbols, mazes, triangles and art within the context of triangles. Given how much I use gemstones and crystals in our healing and spiritual work, I decided to experience a few products which convey sacred geometry and integrate it as part of its overall healing and therapeutic effect.

Healing Discs Based on Sacred Geometry by Barbara Evans

We discovered the artistic gifts of Barbara Evans at New Living Expo this year. She is the talent behind these beautiful healing discs, each one has its own meaning and healing properties.

Eleven Chakra Key Healing Discs were created from Barbara’s Chakra Key paintings, one disc for each of the Seven Major Chakras, plus the Soul Star, Stellar Gateway, High Heart and Earth Star Chakras. Each Chakra Key Healing Disc is designed to “speak to us” at the cellular level to enhance our well-being on every level across Body, Mind and Spirit.

These discs transmit high vibrational frequencies to clear, balance, activate and refine the entire Chakra System. And, according to Barbara, they set the vibrations for healing, providing energetic and spiritual support to facilitate deep connection with our inner essence, activate our gifts and ignite our true potential. You’re probably wondering what that means in reality and in more layman’s terms.

Using the Chakra Key Healing Discs

The discs are designed to provide high vibrational healing energy to balance refine and heal the Chakras. She sees them as “guardian angels,” in a way as they provide comfort, healing and support when using them. Barbara suggests that you place the discs in a room to clear and uplift the energy of the space and surroundings. Simply gazing into a disc helps to attune with the essence and intention that it holds… opening the way for beneficial energetic shifts and changes to unfold.

You can also use them to amplify innate healing ability by placing on the body or moving them intuitively through the energy field.

Says Barbara, “the chakra keys come from the healing energies of sound. In a dream, the night after the massive Asian tsunami, I was guided to purchase a special crystal singing bowl and then shown how to play it within a grid of my artwork, with the intention of healing the planet and the waters of the Earth.” Spirit does indeed work in magical ways.

She adds, “once you begin the use of crystal singing bowls with chakra keys, using them becomes very intuitive.” BTW, this was precisely our experience using them as well.

You can also work with a CD recording of crystal singing bowls rather than having your own bowl, or you may also choose to have a different form of high vibrational sound — whatever best works for you since everyone’s system and preference is different. Barbara also uses Accutonics Tuning Forks, which have a wide range of frequencies and can be placed on the body’s acupuncture meridian points.

The healing vibrations of sound can assist in clearing what needs to be cleared energetically and then integrating what needs to be integrating, while maintaining our unique, innate personal frequency and true essence. In addition to sound, flowers and essential oils can enhance the healing.

“Flower essences and essential oils have played a major role in my personal self-care since I first stepped into the world of energy healing over twenty years ago. The role of essential oils in working with the chakra keys is subtle, working through my energy field as I paint.” — Barbara Evans

We love Barbara’s art which she has incorporated into her healing discs as well — so powerful!! In addition to sound healing as a way to deepen our healing process, art can also be used as a way to vibrate and balance us. For example, high vibrational art vibrates and creates “sound” beyond the audible range of our physical ears. Says Barbara, “many people have told me that hear the music of the chakra keys — it is through this non-audible vibration and the process of resonance that the interaction between the high vibrational art, our cells and the subtle energy systems take place.”

About the Chakra Key Healing Discs

We started using just three of the eleven in our Blue Soul Circles and in select situations, with people individually. The most important part of the discs that I’ve been able to sense so far in our limited time of use, is that they call to you on an intuitive level as a healer. In other words, you literally FEEL into what they’re trying to convey and do, and breathe in an intention into the disc while you use them.

The chakra keys are interwoven with positive frequencies of sound, crystal, essential oils and flower essences, therefore are primed to be complimented with all of them. The intricate images within the discs themselves work energetically with our subtle energy systems and deeply within every cell.

Each Quartz Glass Disc has a high quality central giclee image, and is hand wrapped in Copper to amplify the energetic properties. Each disc comes in a black velvet pouch with Affirmation, descriptive card and acrylic display stand. You can learn more about her and her work on her website, where you can purchase the healing discs separately or as a set, as well as her silk scarves, books which includes messages of universal wisdom, and other products.

Art by Karen Governale

We fell in love with the Orgone pyramids created by Karen Governale and what originally drew us into her site.  There’s so much wow in her work, from the crystals she uses and designs she creates to the overall energy of the pyramids themselves.

I’m always interested in people’s personal stories, especially when they dedicated themselves to a healing modality or product. In other words, what started the passion? Roughly two years ago, Karen got a rare infectious disease from a rusty nail.  This resulted in six months of trauma, from antibiotics to surgery, all of which was followed by breaking her big toe and her father being diagnosed with cancer.  She also suffered from subsequent health issues from the extreme stress, which was around the time she turned to art as her therapy.

Early on, she was working with acrylic paint pours, which led to resin art and making Orgone pyramids.  You can’t create Orgone pyramids and not understand crystals, so after a deep nose dive, she fell in love with their beauty and power……so much so that she has them all over her house, desk at work, in her car, and in the jewelry she wears everyday — a bit like us.

“Ever since I brought crystals into my life and surrounded myself with Orgone pyramids, my life has completely changed.  No more pain, no more stress, I’m a whole new person.” — Karen Governale

Her passion for art is at an extreme level.  Says Karen, “it’s what I love and I feel it is what I was born to do.” It’s so wonderful when we find our life purpose, isn’t it? It truly shows in her work, as you can see by her vivid colors and attention to detail below.

We opted to review this previous gem, which is a Jasper Orgone Pyramid. The top of this pyramid houses a large quartz crystal which is wrapped in copper — for those new to crystal work, quartz is a very powerful crystal, known to be a transmitter and amplifier of healing energy, clarity, balancing and channeling of universal energy.

Below the quartz crystal is a layer of brass shavings and some leopard jasper beads, followed by a layer of aluminum shavings with two copper coils. Below this, she added large red and yellow jasper stones with red agate chips. On the bottom, she added large stainless steel spirals.


orgone pyramid

Karen’s Jasper Orgone Pyramid

Yellow Jasper is thought to clear the body of environmental toxins and impurities as well as to help build up a strong and stable immune system. It is known for aiding digestion and balanced functioning of the gall bladder, liver, pancreas, spleen and kidneys. It is also believed that it can assist with bloating, nausea, fat intolerance and chronic indigestion. No wonder I was so drawn to this pyramid — I’ve always suffered from digestion issues.

The truth is that our innate bodies know what we need so listen to it when you’re next around gemstones and crystals and you will be drawn to what you naturally need. Here are some of the other designs that Karen has made to give you an idea of the diversity of colors, gemstones and energies.

The Orgone itself is based on two principles. It is made of a 50/50 mix of resin (organic due to the fact that it is based on petrochemicals) and metal shavings (inorganic). The reason she added a quartz crystal is because of its piezoelectric properties, which means that it gives off a charge when it is put under pressure. The resin actually shrinks when it is cured, so constant pressure is put on the quart crystal. Cool process, right?

Due to the fact that the elements contained in the orgone are constantly attracting and repelling energy, a “scrubbing” action takes place, so along with the charge that the crystal creates, it actually cleans stagnant and negative energy, bringing it back to a healthy and more vibrant state of being. We really love her work!

Visit Karen’s Etsy store for more information about her work as well as a wide and diverse selection of Pyramids and other great items she makes and sells, including Resin art, ink paintings, Geode art, wall hangings and more.

Arborea Orgonite Art by David Saez

Based out of Spain, we discovered the work of David Saez who makes Orgone Pyramids as well although his style is a little different.

I fell in love with his Jade Orgone Pyramid which is made from quartz, jade, rose jasper, violet jasper, copper and 925 silver flakes.  This product is handmade and Reiki infused and this particular Arborea pyramid is ideal to put near your bed to assist with your dreams.

At the top, David puts copper balls to increase the conductivity and increase vitality. The Jade itself is surrounded by violet and rose Jasper. This combination balances all the chakras, protects us and assists with astral travels — yes, they DO exist and many people are able to astral travel at night and remember it all.

What I love about this pyramid is the beautiful and powerful combination of both Jade and Jasper, which are both protection stones. For example, Jade is the ultimate “Dream Stone,” revered in ancient cultures, as well as today, to access the spiritual world, gain insight into ritualistic knowledge, encourage creativity, and dream-solve. In the creation process, David finishes the pyramid with a 925 silver layer that brings calm through moon energy and the energy of other minerals. The last part of his process is charging the pyramid and crystals with Reiki.

“I made this big powerful Orgone pyramid to assist us in dreams and access the spiritual world.” — David Saez

The one we went with was on the larger size (approximately five inches in square height).  Its beauty truly drew me in — so often, you find vibrant pyramids are in darker or more loud colors, like reds, oranges and yellows. I was wowed by the soft tender pinks and purples — it’s no wonder its such a powerful pyramid for your dream-state. The Arborea creation we reviewed is handmade and polished to a jewel finish. David says that this Healing Art Form is the result of combining his two favorites occupations: jewelry and reiki.

Says David, “As I always say, if you want to see, you need eyes. This life always put clues just in front of our eyes to help us wake up. Once you realize it, it becomes much more `magical`and you can start to see that things happen for something. They happen for a reason, not just randomly.” 

David calls himself an Arborea art-isan, as well as a self-taught jeweler and reiki master.  He adds different minerals and crystals to the Orgonite basic recipe to improve its qualities  in order to alchemize imbalanced energies resulting from environmental and emotional pollutants. When he charges them with reiki, he does so through meditation which is a lovely additional frequency to the pyramids that all artisans do not do, so BRAVO BRAVO! Below are a few other designs from David’s Etsy store.

For more Arborea designs, visit their website. For additional information about minerals, visit their blog.



Note: some of the products in this article were sent to us to review, but all opinions expressed are entirely our own.

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