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Cashews, natures perfect nut…or is it a fruit. Actually it’s both!

I didn’t know where they came from. Just like I didn’t know what an orange really tastes like.

But now, living on a tropical Island, nestled in the Caribbean Ocean. Not only do I know where cashews come from, I watch them grow outside my window.

The blossoms start in early April, delicate clusters of tiny flowers, with a hint of the fragrant cashew fruit swirling in the Ocean breeze. The bees and hummingbirds are very happy. By mid-April, the developing fruit and nut are forming – one cashew per fruit.

The fruit – similar in size and color of a yellow sweet pepper.
The nut – encased in a outer shell.

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Genny Ross-Barons
Originally from Ontario, Canada, Genny Ross-Barons moved to Roatan, Honduras in 2007 where she shares a cabana with her husband and island dog Mona in Sandy Bay, Roatan.

She spends her day-to-day life and 'positive initiatives' on Roatan, sharing untold stories through her blog 'Life & Writing, on Roatan'
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