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I found this place to go horse riding in Ballyconneely, County Galway thanks to the referral from nearby Cashel House.

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Riding Sam by Ballyconneely Bay in County Galway.

My husband and I were staying in Connemara for a few days. I was looking for a horse riding holiday, while my husband wanted a golf holiday in the West of Ireland.

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Pony Trekking in Ballyconneely, Connemara, Ireland

Imagine our delight when we learned that he could play golf at Connemara Golf Club, while I went riding on a Connemara horse with The Point Pony Trekking & Horse Riding Centre.

The owner of the Point, and my guide for the day, Anne Steyaert, shared my love of the Connemara pony. As we were getting ready to go on a one hour trek on the beach, she provided me with a riding helmet (and boots if I’d needed them) and introduced me to Sam, a 17 year old Connemara pony.

She adjusted my stirrups and gave me a quick refresher course on English riding. Soon we were trotting out to the beach with Ballyconneely Bay on our right and the Atlantic Ocean beyond. Had I had time for a two or three hour trek along the beach, we would have visited tidal islands with nothing between us and Newfoundland, Canada, except water.

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Windswept mane of a Connemara pony. Photo © Nancy D. Brown

The ride on the Ballyconneely beaches in County Galway was fantastic. Children, ages 6 & up, are also allowed on beach rides. Younger equestrians and beginning riders have the option or a lead line ride. It’s a wonderful experience to be on a Connemara Pony with the wind blowing their think manes and tails.

Personally, I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face the entire horseback ride. I would love to return someday for a longer trail ride to canter on the beach, breathing in the salty sea air. Is there anything better thank riding a Connemara pony on the Ballyconneely beaches in County Galway? My husband would say a round of golf.

nancy brown, nancy d brown, pony trekking, connemara pony, horse riding, horse, beach, cashel bay, ireland

Pony trekking on the beach.

Need to Know:

One, two and three hour treks along the beach are available. Longer treks are offered for experienced riders. All horseback rides are accompanied by experienced staff. Group rates are available upon request.

The Point Pony Trekking is near Clifden Twon on Ballyconneely Road, situated just after Connemara Golf Club (which is open to the public.) The riding center is open year round, closed Sundays and open by appointment only in winter.

Owner Anne Steyaert, speaks French, German and Dutch, in addition to English. The Point Pony Trekking & Horse Riding Center is an AIRE (Association Irish Riding Establishment) approved riding establishment.

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Between the ears of a Connemara pony. Photo © Nancy D. Brown

Insider Tips

We stayed at Cashel House during our visit to Connemara and County Galway in Ireland. Read my review of Cashel House.

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The Point Pony Trekking & Horse Riding Centre

087 246 8294

Keeraunmore, Ballyconneely

County Galway, Ireland


Note: The Point Pony Trekking & Horse Riding Center review, YouTube video and all photography by travel writer Nancy D. Brown. I was a guest of The Point Pony Trekking while visiting Connemara, County Galway, Ireland. All opinions are my own.