Redefining the Way the World Looks at Natural Beauty


Delta Gallil and CEO Isaac Dabah are an amazing success story in intimate apparel. Founded by Dov Lautman, the Company is a model of leadership in co-existence employment and corporate responsibility. 

Making new fabrics using real lasting cotton results in garments looking like new after 30 washes. Suits that Delta Galil created have won 16 medals in the Winter Olympics. 

Delta Galil

Delta is the # 1 producer of intimate apparel in the U.S. with 110 stores in Israel. 40% of the men's underwear market share is under the Delta Brand, 50% market share is in socks, and 15-20% is in ladies' underwear.

Lance Kalish, Chief Carrot Counter at Yes To Carrots was founded in Israel in 2006 with six products across 16 stores. Today, they are in 28,000 stores, and are the fastest Beauty Brand in the world. "We have redefined the way the world looks at natural beauty," says Kalish. He adds, "we are the YES company in the NO environment. When asked how they grew so fast, he says, "we understood our limitations and we ignored them. We also do whatever it takes to get it done."

Isabel Maxwell
Isabel Maxwell is a Tech Pioneer of the World Economic Forum, and president emerita of Commtouch Software (Nasdaq:CTCH). She Co-founded Magellan, an early online search engine, acquired by Excite in 1996.

Isabel is highly active in the social enterprise space. She was former Senior Adviser to Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus' Grameen America which makes micro-loans to very poor entrepreneurial women. Isabel was a highly active director of Israel Venture Network and built up their pioneering Social Entrepreneur program in Israel from 2004-2011. She has also been an International Governor of the Peres Center For Peace & Innovation since 1999, and currently continues to advise Israel non-profits and a New VC platform out of Malta, Israel and London.

Isabel also had a long career in TV & Feature Film /Documentary production in the UK and US. She passionately believes in the power of individuals to make a difference in the world. French-born and Oxford-educated, Isabel has divided her time between Silicon Valley, Israel and LA for the past 18 years.
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