On Astral Travel and Controlling Dreams

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I recently took an Astral Travel class in Guatemala at the very spiritual Las Pirimades Center, located on the lakeside village of San Marcos, which overlooked three nearby volanoes.

It is essentially an interpretation of out-of-body experiences, achieved either awake or via lucid dreams and meditation. Those who have experienced astral travel (or projection), say that their consciousness or soul has moved them in tandem with their physical body into a parallel world. Not new, the concept dates back to ancient China.

While I live my life more often than not – smack in the middle of my head and heart (although some would disagree), I try to keep an open mind to things that raise ones consciousness.

I’ve been torn over the years about my thoughts about after-life and what shape and form this takes. Have you ever had an innate grasp of a language or empathy for a culture more than another and not really have a logical reason why? Or have you ever had a lucid dream that takes you a ‘very real’ place you may have been before but physically have never seen, and yet the images and voices are so vivid that you wake up thinking, “was that really a dream?”

She actually gave us instructions on how to practice astral travel, telepathy and dream control, including tips and ways to increase the likelihood of having lucid dreams on a consistent basis, something she said comes over time with practice. Of importance included diet, your interest in ‘going there,’ whether there is a full moon or not, going to bed early, the absence of drugs and alcohol while you are experimenting, discipline, the direction in which you face when you sleep and lastly, keeping a log to record what is working.

I learn that most people are more likely to have lucid dreams when there is a full moon and their head is facing east, although this is not universal.

Their argument is that material technology, without spiritual knowledge, is leading us to chaos. Rather than using technology to assist us with spiritual development and enlightenment, it is increasingly being used to confine and enslave people within a monetary system and materialistic world, which are both temporary.

While so many people live in fear of the unknown, she dictates that there is nothing in the Universe to be afraid of, except our own ignorance and its consequences.

According to additional research I gathered later, which also agrees with the mantra she recommended saying before going to sleep: “I will remember my dreams,” slowing down the process of going back to sleep after you wake, helps induce a lucid dream. When the dream comes, you are already awake and can consciously try to control what happens.

This site suggests that you should “be aware, that any thought related in any way to your physical body (such as a desire to speak, move hands or any part of the body, look at your body, fear that you may hurt your body etc..) is likely to bring you back to your physical body immediately. Be prepared that what you think you “know” may be a hindrance in astral travel and that ‘all your knowledge comes from the material world on Earth, and is severely distorted and/or limited. It is best not to expect anything, since it will be your Higher Self (your own higher consciousness) who will choose the best lesson for you.”

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