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There are plenty of energy workers out there but not many who have magical houses adorned with incredible art and a library you could get lost in for months, not hours or days.

Teresa Von Braun was referred to me by a teacher at Spirit Rock, a meditation center in northern California which we love. “What’s her biggest asset?” I asked. I got the feeling she did it all from readings and healings to grounding, which I had been inquiring about.

All mediums need to become an expert on grounding, so they can continue their spiritual work, particularly if they’re working with people on a daily basis. Other people’s energy, attachments and spiritual entities can get into your field and it can drain your energy and  make you less powerful.

Teresa Von Braun

Teresa Von Braun in her home office in Eureka California

Into the Life of Teresa Von Braun

Teresa Von Braun gives readings and although she has many gifts, her strongest one is clairaudience. And without much chatter, she dove into my life, at least the one in this life time at first. Yes, she can tap into past lives as well.

She starts out by telling me that I too am very clairaudient, that my energy is very forward and that I can manifest well. She didn’t know I was a Sag before she began to read my energy field, but like a true Sag, she says there are not many filters on me. “Ain’t that the truth,” I thought.

Apparently I came into this lifetime to work through the 5th Chakra, helping and serving the world.  No surprise to learn that she saw a lot of flow, dance and movement with me since being “in my body” and moving brings me so much joy. No surprise either that I need to sleep more — it never has been a strength for me.

Dreams of course are when our souls have time to restore, learn, manifest and heal. We can in fact have an intention to have healing dreams before we go to sleep and for those who are in touch with their chakras, the solar plexus is where we hold information on our dreams.

As we all move into higher dimensions with the Ascension upon us, it’s no surprise to learn that I am stepping into higher and higher realms and that my ability to work within time and with cause and effect is expanding. She also tells me that I can astral travel quite a bit which will help with natural manifestation and even more powerful synchronicity experiences.  

“It’s time for you to hang out in the 5th dimension more and more,” she adds.  Of course, I thought. And, when I dream, its largely about past lives and is largely why I have a hard time remembering the details — no doubt, most of them are far too painful.

Like the message that comes through so strong and clear for so many Goddesses right now, we all need to love ourselves m ore and practice receiving more. It’s all about allowing.  When we do “allow,” that alignment happens in big ways and with that alignment, we can weave in all our gifts, not just what we brought into this life time to create, but from past lives as well.   

I loved learning that Teresa Von Braun is well versed in Soul Retrieval, which not all mediums can do. I wondered what aspects of past lives showed up for her? She asserts that often, people get stuck in past lives or in between lives. One past life that stood out for her was my native American past, where I survived but very few members of my tribe did. I didn’t feel I was able to give my people enough, which is probably why I over service now.   

“Know that what you’re doing here, will affect both past and future lives.” 

When she told me that, I could help but think: how cool is that? And, the healer in me felt it. It’s empowering to get information from the Other Side. I’ve always known that I was a healer in so many past lives, so it doesn’t surprise me that there’s work to do in this life time too, but using different modalities and gifts.

Teresa Von Braun

Sacred Geometry

Where does she source her information from I asked. Teresa embodies archangels, Gods and Goddesses as well as her Spirit Guide Adam. How nice that her guide has an easy name because not all of them do.

A bit smile came to my face when she said “let go of guilt from the past and karma – it’s okay. Dance yourself in.”

“Dance myself in,” I repeated to myself silently — it couldn’t have resonated more with my soul on all levels. Yes, of course. I knew this — I must invoke TRUST more to master cause and effect.  Visualization can also be so empowering.

As Teresa continued to talk, I could feel her energy and I realized we had a lot in common. Our taste in books and art for one, as my eyes darted around her house as she walked through the house on her cell phone, the Skype window facing outward.

Her love of nature was another aspect of her “potion making healer” past that so aligned with my own. How can we connect with our souls at a deep level if we are disconnected from the Earth?

Teresa Von Braun

Teresa Von Braun says she loves living where land and ocean meet!

Mystery School with Teresa Von Braun

Today, Teresa Von Braun does so much more than energy healing, Soul Retrieval and readings. She has up-leveled her work into a Mystery School.  Teresa Von BraunShe has done initiations with people and pulls on that from her Spirit Guides to lead and guide people on their life path.

Teresa has also done Shamanic work as well as tapping into Sacred Geometry. Rays of Psychology are part of that and she offers different levels to guide people through deep initiations and into their soul.

She combines the spiritual and psychological – it’s all about embodiment even though she doesn’t do embodiment work in the traditional sense.  One of her skills is to have people really GET IT in the body level.


Based in Humbolt County in Northern California, Teresa Von Braun teaches classes in metaphysics, clears houses, does sacred space designing, and healing. With 40 years of experience, her favorite work in addition to her mystery school is her energy work which has been healing for so many.

She has been privileged to visit many sacred sites throughout the world, having been called from early childhood to visit them in person. She says, “all the earth is sacred, but these sites were made exceptionally holy by the brilliance and spirituality of their builders, no matter their system of understanding the cosmos.”

Be sure to read her piece on Sacred Sites and Spiritual Travel, which I think you’ll find very fascinating.

You can also visit her site for more information on her world and how to work with her.


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