Loutraki on the Corinthian Gulf of Greece

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We went to Loutraki on the Corinthian Gulf of Greece last fall.   This attractive small town is about 80 kilometers from Athens on the Gulf of Corinth in the Peloponnese Region.


Loutraki Greece

Beautiful Loutraki

The road is a new motorway which makes it very easy to self-drive, but I am sure the chosen accommodation can arrange airport transfers; the journey takes about an hour and a quarter.  This well-kept welcoming place right on the sea has a good little harbour and wonderful beach and is very attractive.

The Loutraki Thermal Spring was designed and built in 1921 and later added to.  The building is imposing and intriguing and the drinking water tastes good.  It is however the modern Thermal Spa with its therapeutic water which has great value for those who might suffer from Arthritis, disc displacements, chronic Rheumatism, Arteriosclerosis, Spondyloses-arthritis and other ailments. The thermal spring wells up from the base of the Mount Geraneia and during its journey to the surface it is naturally filtered through porous layers and thus greatly enriched with precious trace elements, salts and minerals that have soothing properties.

The beautiful ultramodern Hydrotherapy Centre, the Loutraki Thermal Spa was an education for me and includes 2 indoor heated swimming pools with waterfalls and jet hydro massaging; 1 indoor cool water swimming pool and an outdoor swimming pool along with all the treatment rooms, steam baths, easy access for the disabled and a small cafeteria. This centre encompasses health, wellness and beauty.


Loutraki Thermal Spa

Thermae is the ancient name of Loutraki derived from the goddess ‘Thermia Artemis’ the protector goddess of therapeutic mineral waters.  The town is a short drive from the famous Corinth Canal which was only completed in the 19th century, but a dream that went back millennia. 

Several of the ancient Greek rulers thought of digging a canal or cutting through the isthmus; apparently the first to think of it was Periander in 600 BCE.  Standing on the Corinth Canal bridge and looking down one reflects on the great antiquity of this region.  A visit to Corinth was necessary as I first went there over 50 years ago!

These days it has vast numbers of tourists however, and frankly I consider the Perachora peninsular that continues after the town of great interest and beauty.   We saw ancient archaeology at the Heraion Temple, a tiny enchanting chapel called Agios Nikolaos at the stunning Heraion Lagoon, beautiful bays and beaches and the historical revelations continue in Agios Theadorai.


Loutraki architecture

There is a great deal to see within a reasonable radius including Olympia, Mycenae and Epidaurus and further afield of course.  For those who seek excitement and night life Loutraki has its own Casino.

We stayed in a most comfortable luxury chalet with its own pool at the Wyndham Loutraki Poseidon Resort, which is beautifully located right on the edge of the beach with stunning views and very good amenities in beautiful flower filled grounds and fine service.  We only had one night there but would have loved to spend a week.


Loutraki Poseidon Resort (lodging)

I think this resort would prove a good destination for an early Spring break, or Autumn break.  Children would love it.  Of course, in the full heat of Spring and Summer it would be splendid too. My gallery will give you a comprehensive impression.  Below are some additional shots you will enjoy of the area.





Above 2 photos: Loutraki Mineral Springs


The Loutraki Coastline


Corinth Canal




Lakeside sunbathing


Hotel swimming pools


Hotel at sunset

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