InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa for Pure Spa Luxury

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If you go to Fiji, no doubt you’re heading there for a combination of all the things that make Fiji so magical: friendly happy people who exude love and joy everywhere you go, authentic hospitality, raw natural beauty above and below the water and a little healthy pampering, whether that be through eating fresh and natural foods, soaking in the salt water and Fiji lotions or experiencing a spa treatment infused with Fiji’s culture and traditions.

The InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa in Natadola Bay not only has a massive spa with no shortage of massage therapists and estheticians, but it also offers a number of unique treatment types.

Combining Asian, Eastern and Western treatment methods to bring balance to mind, body and soul, their nurturing therapists (based on first hand experience) makes them one of the top Fiji resorts if you’re into spas and wellness travel.

InterContinental Spa Fiji

InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa Massages

Let’s start with massages. We only mention a few here, notably the ones which we tried and popped for their uniqueness.

While I love hot stone massages, I am also a huge fan of “hands on” body work, so I opted for a combination of both. For those who want all stones, they offer a 90 minute hot stone massage, which uses smooth, heated volcanic stones to absorb and retain heat — these are placed on key points of your body to improve circulation, calm the nerve system and release tension in your muscles.

Of course since you’re in Fiji, why not do something a little different like a massage focusing on Fijian customs. Passed down through generations, this traditional massage is part of a culture deeply-rooted in daily healing rituals for the mind, body and soul, and they use tropical coconut oil with tapping techniques and long strokes to stimulate circulation.

They also offer an ancient therapeutic massage which utilizes energizing essential oils derived from plants and herbs and incorporates pressure points and Swedish massage techniques to stimulate blood flow and lymph fluid.

Their Sea Holistic Relaxing Radiance Massage uses lavender fragrant Thai-inspired boluses to release tension and restore balance to the body. This healthy option includes a stimulating sea salt crystal exfoliation to promote cellular renewal and a radiance boosting facial treatment to help restore the skins natural luminosity and softness.

Holistic & Signature Treatments

A few kudos to some of their more unique treatments. For example, their Oligomer replenishing holistic treatment combines exfoliation and massage in a unique multi-sensorial experience which is based on Oligomer, the legendary Phytomer ingredient with known re-mineralizing and fortifying benefits.     

If you’re heading to Fiji on a romantic getaway, they offer something called a romance ritual, which uses traditional sugar cane and coconut body polish that gently buffs away dead skin leaving your skin silky smooth. It includes a wrap (they are so detoxing), combining lavender, mandarin and patchouli essential oils as well as a facial. All spa retreats may also be booked as a couples’ experience as well.

The Orchid Room & Wai Zone: this is a great option for a couple, a group of friends or if you’re there with another couple. Imagine a dedicated treatment area, relaxation lounge, steam-showers, and plunge pool you can use before or after a treatment.

The Spa also features a Wai Zone — cool name, right? Fijian for water, the essence of life, this pre and post treatment area offers Aqua therapy with water in all three states. Wai Zone features water in its three states: gas – the steam room, liquid – the hydrotherapy pool and rain forest shower, and solid – the ice room. Each of these water states offer health benefits whether you only use one of them or a combination in a much more integrated hydrotherapy program. Their recommendation “flow” is as follows:

  • Rain shower 3 – 4 minutes (hot water)
  • Ice shower 1 – 2 minutes
  • Hydrotherapy pool (10 – 20 minutes)
  • Rain shower 2 minutes (cool water)
  • Steam room 10 – 15 minutes
  • Rain shower to finish

We tried this and felt re-energized afterwards — it was followed by tons of lemon-infused water and a low sugar veggie drink.

I’m a huge fan of any detox treatment and they offer a 90 minute option which begins with a dilo nut exfoliation rich in antioxidants that lift impurities and dead skin cells. Additionally, there’s a ginger root masque (we are HUGE fans of the healing benefits of ginger) which boosts metabolism, and an aromatic detoxifying massage seals it all in.

Their organic therapy nourishing retreat uses plant infused treatments, including one of our favorites: a rosemary and jojoba sea salt exfoliation. It includes a papaya and mother of pearl infused wrap as well as a body butter rub to keep the moisture in and balance the skin.

If you’re a spa aficionado, you know how important the experience is from the moment you walk through a spa’s doors. All of it matters: the fine touches, the products (are they truly all natural?) the music, the ambiance, the quiet factor for relaxation, the amenities and the facility itself. At the end of the day however, the therapist can make or break it — does he or she understand integrative healing and go above and beyond what they learned at massage school?

How many times have you been to a spa and they offer a wide range of treatments but your therapist just didn’t get it. What I love about the Fijian therapists at the InterContinental’s Spa is their caring and nurturing nature — they use their intuition as well as their traditional therapist training, a rarity among western practitioners.

InterContinental Spa Fiji

My therapist at the InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa

 The Serene Ambiance

The other thing I love about the InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa in Fiji is the serenity and tranquility throughout the premises.  You’ll find plenty of luxe touches throughout as well as lots of places just to relax and unwind.

 InterContinental Spa Fiji

 InterContinental Spa Fiji

Just look at these vibrant colors

The hot tub was so relaxing and exudes serenity and stillness.

The Relaxation Room

There’s also a relaxation room and here you can get infused water (lemon, lime, etc), organize herbal teas and snacks.


InterContinental Spa Fiji

Healthy snacks and herbal teas are served on a lovely Fijian styled tray — flowers are everywhere as they are such an integral part of Fijian culture.

InterContinental Spa Fiji

Unwinding in the relaxation room

The other lovely thing about the InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa is that the walks are beautiful — getting to and fro — as there’s so much greenery and flowers throughout on the property.

InterContinental Spa Fiji

InterContinental Spa Fiji

Of course, they use Pure Fiji products as you’d imagine they would and they are scattered throughout the spa, the rooms and the property.

InterContinental Spa Fiji

For more information on this great luxury property, visit their website.


InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa
Maro Road Natadola Bay
Natadola, Fiji
+679 673 3300
Note: we were hosted by the property but all opinions expressed are entirely our own.
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