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Welcome to the world of HighChi jewelry which is designed to protect, uplift, and rejuvenate you when you wear it. All of their pieces help to encourage the flow of Chi, while also protecting you from the bombardment of EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Fields, which we’ve written about before) which is increasingly found at alarming rates in our routers, cell phones, laptops and beyond.

Hi Chi

I first met Deborah Stuart, the founder and visionary behind HighChi at the TransTech Conference earlier month where she had a table of her latest and greatest jewelry and products, which she showed again at SAND in mid-October.

high chi

Not everyone is on board with this, but I am. The frequencies emanating from the simple devices in our homes and offices are blocking the natural interface of this energy with the body and our physical and emotional well-being.

While we don’t all have the ability to unwind and retreat to natural surroundings on a regular basis, it’s important that we’re aware of what drains our energy and what charges it.

Across many cultures, people have traditions, rituals and even retreat to ancient lands, like Lourdes and Egypt or to places known for vortex energy like Sedona, all to harness life force energy.  From solitude yoga events in India to healing baths in Virginia and beyond, people look for healing energy and healing places.

The HighChi jewelry is energized through a frequency. Using scalar waves, or a no frequency informational carrying wave, the data they receive in their computer from creating the design, directly sends the energy to the digital code of that design. Whatever is of the same digital sequence or aske code automatically receives the energy no matter where, via the scalar waves.

It’s essentially working on the Quantum field and when applied to the jewelry, you may achieve higher states of being, consciousness from wearing it. HighChi energy is a fusion of the 12 Higher Harmonics, from the seven higher harmonics of the chakras  to the higher harmonics of gold, representing physical abundance and the same golden glow you see around holy saints.

The energy formula includes the higher harmonic of ultraviolet that provides spiritual abundance and horizontal negative green, which is the same life force energy around trees and plants.  Then, white light is used to release negative energies from the body, so you can change reality in accordance with your will, your love and your imagination.
The last step in the HighChi process is something they refer to as Scalar, a no frequency informational carrying wave which opens the doors to higher consciousness.  She has a beautiful collection of prayer Malas, all of which are designed for different things. Deborah gave me the “leadership” Mala to wear which is made of turquoise and Lapis beads and is all about leadership – it’s a stunning piece.
Other Malas include those for love, abundance, joy, angels, focused intention, and more. The stones are reflective for what you’re trying to bring into your life. There’s even one for the Divine Priestess and Atlantis, which we love.


She also has bracelets, crystals, gemstones, other necklaces, rings and charms, which come in gold and silver.




I’m fascinated by the history and effect of the Sacred Geometry “behind the scenes” which is essentially the blueprint of creation and the genesis of all form. The science of sacred geometric form has been used for millennia to uplift and amplify energy as well as protect us from negative energy fields.

At HighChi, they essentially use those “divine” proportions to create Sacred Geometric Jewelry all of which is designed to vitalize your body, mind and spirit.

On my leadership Mala hangs a silver Flower of Life with the HighChi Pendant, which when combined is said to be very powerful. The Flower of Life already has the 12 Higher Harmonic intrinsically in it’s design, and when energized with the 12 Higher Harmonics, there is an energetic synergy where the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

When combined, the HighChi Pendant is an amplifier and will further amplify the Flower of Life. It is meant to be protective, as it strengthens your energy field, which is said to make you feel even more protected and grounded, but also to expand your circle of influence. They were designed to be worn together and so….I do.

Two thumbs up!! We love her designs, her jewelry and the power of which she is harnessing to help people on their journey. Below, Deborah Stuart explains what’s behind the technology of their signature piece, which I’m wearing as we speak together with a powerful crystal. Check out their website for more information including how to order.


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