Heading Down Under: Australia’s Historical Casinos


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Online gaming has become so popular these days that in a way, it isn’t even necessary to visit physical casinos. In some ways this is a good thing, seeing as how contemporary casinos can be seedy, smoke-filled labyrinths that aren’t fun places to gamble.

Historically, however, casinos have often been found in beautiful buildings all around the world, from traditional gaming locals like Las Vegas and Macau, to less common ones like, say Australia.

Yes, you heard that right: Australia has been home to a number of casinos throughout its history. Read this article to learn more about Australia’s most famous, historical casinos.

Gambling been legal in Australia since 1972, which puts it ahead of many other countries in that regard. Since this time, Australia has opened its fair share of famous casinos, including Riverbelle.

Another famous, historical Australian casino is The Treasury Casino, in Queensland. The Treasury Casino’s historical element derives from the fact that it’s housed in two heritage buildings, The Treasury Building and Lands Administration Building.

The Treasury Building is a 19th century building with Edwardian-Baroque designs to the outside, with a six-story atrium and beautiful sandstone walls. As well as a casino, the Treasury Building houses a nightclub, plus seven bars and five restaurants. Many guests opt to stay in the hotel which is also part of The Treasury.

The Lands Administration building, on the other hand, used to be a government office building. Constructed started in the late 1800s, and finally completed in 1905. Some of its most attractive features for visitors include the stained glass found at the entrance, and also in other parts of the building.

Visitors might also be interested to see a marble tablet which has been set into the wall of one of the entrances that has been inscribed with a message that King George V sent to Australia in 1916.

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