Meditate With Om Gallery’s Glass Blue Fountains

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We’ve been taking a look at some of Om Gallery’s spiritual and wellness products (we put them in that category anyway), which we discovered recently including one of their glass fountains. They let us review a few of their hanging lamps and hanging lanterns, and a Chakra Spiral Stand, as well as their oh so fun Himalayan Salt Lamps, which we think every home and office should have.

I personally think fountains fall under both wellness and spiritual, at least for me. Fountains are one of those items that you can place outside in your garden as well as inside your office, bedroom or living room area.

I’m a firm believer in their power for relaxing the mind and slowing down the body. Simply put, the relaxing sound of water puts me at ease whenever I hear it.

Glass Tower Fountains 

Om Gallery offers a number of wonderful options, including ones with Buddha in stone, and other glass fountains like this one. The Glass Tower Fountain we tested out is 10” in diameter and 12″ high and is made from a Recycled Glass Base in Jasper Stone. Gorgeous right?

glass bubbly fountains

The blue glass fountain shown above is a little more translucent than ours and the blue is a little lighter – I imagine no two fountains would be identical.  The above image will give you an idea of what this glass fountain looks like in day light, without dimmed light from a living room area.

It was fairly easy to set up although one of the rubber bits was a bit tight and needed some work to fit initially, but within 20 minutes, we were ready to go. Unlike some fountains which don’t stipulate using specific water, these operate best with distilled water to keep it functioning well. And so, we used distilled water, which is very easy to get at any pharmacy or supermarket.



Notice a few more green textures in our glass fountain

Om Gallery has a number of great soothing fountains to choose from, including other glass ones as well as stone fountains around the same size and some larger for gardens or bigger homes. Check out their website for more information, to browse other products and to order. We absolutely love ours!


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