Facepalm…..In Medellin: Seriously, Get With the Times

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After 18 grueling hours on a freezing bus, we arrived in Medellin. We were (or at least I was) happy to get out of the freezing climate of the bus, Medellin is like spring all year long, or, that’s what the locals say. We explored bits and pieces of Medellin, we went to the hands on science museum, botanical garden, few art museums, and the night life area.

I really liked the hands on science museum except that it was kind of a rip off, since you had to pay a lot of money to see it all.


The botanical garden was actually really nice, except that there were young couples doing I don’t want to know what.


The art museums were nice, no Facepalm here. The night life area was fine, except for the fact that people kept looking at me like I was an alien, ’cause I was a kid.

Facepalm indeed.

For those of you who don’t what Facepalm is, look it up in an urban dictionary.

Seriously….Get with the times.

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