Dashcam Photos

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I have one of those popular HD video recording cameras in my car.  Whenever I’m driving I run the camera so it records the actions going on in front of my car.  Here are a couple of still shots from a few days ago:

Dash Cam Photos

This one I like to call “the truck salmon” as he is on the wrong side of the road, driving against the flow of traffic.  He’s trying to get back to the correct side of the road as quickly as possible.  I came very close to him, as well as several other cars.  Apparently it’s too much trouble to go with the proper flow of traffic up to the next intersection to turn around.

Dash Cam Photos

I’m not sure what to call this one.  Most people pull over to slow down and stop.  This woman decided to slow down nearly to a stop in the middle of the lane, and then pull over to the side.  Here you can see that the brake light is on, she’s nearly to the point where she has to put her foot down and there is nothing in front of her to make her have to stop like this in the middle of the road. Oh well, in Taiwan, driving rules are nothing more than a suggestion.

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