Ask THEO: Words of Wisdom From the Other Side

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What do you think of THEO? my friend asked ever so casually when we were deep into a deck of archangel cards one evening, as if I should know who THEO was personally. Truth be told, I am naturally drawn to inspiration from archangels and manifesting dreams but I hadn’t heard of THEO until recently.

Although I have worked with several practitioners and mediums who connect with angels, I had never experienced a medium who brings through messages from archangels every day.

Sheila and Marcus Gillette ASK THEO

Sheila and Marcus Gillette

Meet Sheila Gillette who goes a step beyond what mental mediums do in order to receive messages from the Other Side. Whereas most mediums get a vision, hear or feel the words they are supposed to convey, Sheila says she embodies 12 archangels who communicate through her as a group and they call themselves THEO. It was one of my grandfather’s nicknames, so I had to chuckle when we started chatting about the world of THEO.

THEO also means “theocentric” relating to God or deities.  In fact, the name Theo is a Greek baby name and in their language, it means “God given or God’s gift.”

Sheila works in tandem with her husband Marcus and they run workshops and trips around the world, all of which involve THEO coming through for groups and individuals with heartfelt messages about life itself.


Sheila and Marcus Gillette at an ASK THEO event in San Rafael

We attended a live event they held in San Rafael recently so we could experience THEO in action.  While general questions came up from the group that covered everything from the environment and economy to politics and manifesting dreams, there were opportunities for individuals to ask THEO specific questions about challenges they were facing in their day-to-day lives.

From some of the most stressful situations we face in the Earth plane, such as divorce, life transitions, money, love and children, people wanted to hear words of hope and inspiration from the Spiritual plane.

THEO reminded attendees that we are all master creators, which is a bit like the manifestation techniques and tips that Esther and Jerry Hicks taught for so many years and Esther still does. Similar to the words of Abraham, the group of spirits that Ester Hicks channels, THEO says, “if you ask for it, it will come. If you worry, worry will happen. If you have faith in miracles, miracles will emerge.”

In other words, the Quantum Field is always working on our behalf. If you focus on what you don’t want, that is precisely what will show up as will what you DO want when you turn your language and intention around.

“The law of the universe is that manifesting simply aligns with your thoughts.”

While this may sound simple on paper and perhaps even as it is communicated by THEO, it’s often difficult for us to always be positive when trauma and shadows show up. Our trauma keeps us locked into negative thought patterns and fear rather than gratitude, love and faith.

That said, the more you can catch yourself in real time when those negative patterns appear, the more likely you can release old thoughts and ideas that no longer serve you so that new pathways can be created in your brain.


Sheila works with an attendee one-on-one!


Sheila and Marcus connect with another attendee during their day long event

“Never before have human beings been ready to step into their spiritual power and into this higher dimension. Each of you has a specific tone of voice that is uniquely you. No one has what you have and no one has the same vision as you do in your life. It is our soul’s desire to be here in this lifetime now.”  — THEO

This goes back to the notion that each human being has chosen to return to the Earth plane to do more work — consider it an educational playground where the soul learns. We also apparently choose what we will work on in each life time….in other words “Our Soul‘s Journey.”

Your Soul’s Journey

Think about what lights you up and you’re passionate about above and beyond everything else. Is it a divine gift or a hobby? You know when you’ore living your divine purpose when everything is in pure flow.

We’ve all heard that little invoice inside our heads saying “you’re not smart enough or good enough or brave enough or worthy enough to step into a place you really want to play.” When that annoying voice speaks up, just talk to “it” quietly and calmly and remind “it” that it is worthy and significant and loving and deserving. Sheila and Marcus assert that it is their role to bring that message through from THEO to people on the Earth plane now.

Perhaps you’ve been in a job or a relationship that wasn’t aligned with who you really are in the past. You learned and moved on, but so many of us repeat some of the same patterns over and over again. Because of this, you may think “that law of attraction thing really isn’t working for me.”

What‘s key here is that you know and accept that you‘re worthy and deserving of abundance. It‘s not just that you verbally tell yourself that this is the case, but that your body FEELS it and OWNS it. At this point, you‘ll be in alignment and simply know what your soul‘s journey is and step into it. Life will flow with the natural tides of the universe.

If you’d like to make more money with your work, then think of a number and receive it. “Allow that number to come into your system and don’t worry about where it will come from,” says Sheila. According to THEO, when that is at play, the quantum field will naturally align to your belief.

As you are creating your life THEO says, “you are all manifestors. It’s only the thought that you can’t which stops you from achieving your dreams.

“I am” is the God/Goddess Master of You. It claims you & who you are!” — THEO

You are giving power and momentum to something when you say those words. In order for the law of attraction to move in the right direction, you need to claim what you want and FEEL it in your body.

In a discussion after the wisdom of THEO came through, we covered generational patterns and how they have been passed on for thousands of years. As we move into the 5th dimension in this new age, this is the time when our DNA is changing — in fact, our understanding too from the Other Side is that our cellular memories are being changed right now, including negative ones which have carried trauma for centuries.

Super Beings

The truth is that we are actually super beings, capable of much more than we think we can do in our human bodies. THEO asserts that we have the ability to navigate energetically in our lives, even around time.

We all have psychic gifts and abilities but some have a stronger connection than others.   Ways to improve your abilities include simple daily practices, such as meditation and quiet walks in nature. Although intellect has been given the power in western society, all successful people on this planet use their intuitive gifts to make decisions.  

To tap into that inherent wisdom and intuition that all “beings” have, take time for yourself to just sit and BE. Trust that the inner wisdom will come.

In other words, the law of attraction is always at work, so align with it in ways that serves you best.

“Create a conduit between you and “it” and call it forth” adds Sheila and Marcus. What we are essentially doing at this time is laying down new neural pathways in your brain so you have a new default system to use. And then….expect the miraculous.

If it’s true that we all have psychic abilities and are intuitive, how do those of us who don’t channel the spiritual realm connect to the other side? The audience wanted to know and so, we ask THEO.

“Meditate and be still,” says THEO. “People are afraid they’ll see something or know something they don’t want to see or feel, but remember that your soul is in charge. You’ll feel connected when you trust and understand that you are never alone.” That in itself is empowering is it not?

Gratitude is also part of the picture. When you look for the gift and learning experience in every situation, you won’t ever turn to being the victim. Your Higher Self will know that there was a gift even in the tough situations throughout your life. When you change the frame of reference to “I made that choice for my soul to learn, it changes how you handle the chaos that hits you along your path.”

THEO tells the audience to “think about what kind of life you want to live and write it down. Be in the flow with it,” they say. “Don’t give your power away.”

“It’s important to remember that life is happening through you, not TO you.” — THEO

Once you Recognize this and it truly sits and settles with you, you’ll suddenly start making healthier choices.  It’s about getting rid of those old beliefs, love oneself and love others. THEO says “in the asking, it is given. It is the beginning, is it not?”

When Sheila speaks for THEO, her voice is somewhat altered and sounds a little mechanical, even with a twinge of a lovely English accent at times. We were surprised to hear that it wasn’t always THEO who came through Sheila, when we joined them for a Skype call before we met them and again in person after the event.

Sheila refers to the first group of spirits as Orlos and they were much quieter and softer than the energy of THEO. She says that it was a way, a transition if you will, for them to prepare her body for more spiritual entities to communicate.  Ask THEO

You might be wondering — does she have a choice? Absolutely she says.

“You need to give Spirit permission to work with and through you”.

Think of it as a collaboration between the Earth and Spiritual realms.

Being a trance medium is rare, much rarer than mental mediums who communicate with the deceased. Why? Sheila says that “it’s a whole energy thing. Vibrational matching. I have the gift of this match and well, it’s improved significantly over time with practice.”

“Sheila has been channeling archangels for forty years.

Imagine this!” 

“My body is now aligned with THEO,” she says. “There’s no longer a friction like there was in the beginning. A lot of people want to be channels, but what they don’t understand is that we are all channels, but not everyone can be a trance medium because it’s a frequency thing.”

Sheila mentored Ester Hicks in the early days and like so many who channel the spiritual realm, some quirky health issues come up along the way. It isn’t unhealthy for your body as long as you take care of it, she says. But physical symptoms can be very real, like ringing of the ears, or in Ester’s case, heart palpitations. Mediums tap into their nervous systems, so it’s important to replenish your body with minerals like magnesium, zinc and potassium for starters.

It’s not uncommon for mediums to have a health crisis or an emotional one before they turn their lives over to Spirit. After her near death experience in 1969 and a miraculous healing, her psychic abilities began to unfold.

Today, Sheila and Marcus travel around the country giving workshops and talks. And, their business is online as well.

They conduct sessions online where people can call in and ask THEO what pains them and keeps them up at night. THEO even answers questions about politics, the environment and relationships as well….and of course LOVE. In my experience, Love is a favorite topic among the Spiritual Realm and according to them, “the most important thing there is.” Hear hear!

THEO online

Sheila and Marcus do webinars and teachings online as well where you can Ask Theo questions in real time.

In the Footsteps of Mary Magdaline and Jesus

Sheila and Marcus will be leading a tour from Toulouse to Marseille, where they will explore the history of Sacred France. They will see and experience the magic of this fascinating history through the timeless eyes of THEO. 

Here’s a link to the trip if there’s interest. Think mysterious Black Madonnas, the protectors of the Holy Grail, and the Knights Templar. The privileged – and doomed — Cathars. The dates are from September 6-14, 2018.

Behind Ask THEO

Sheila and Marcus Gillette are co-founders of The THEO Group, an organization dedicated to sharing the wisdom teachings of the twelve archangels collectively known as THEO who are guiding humanity during this unprecedented shift to a higher state of consciousness.

They also host a web series called “AskTHEO™ Live”. Additionally, they also share THEO’s wisdom through public THEO experiences, television and radio appearances worldwide, and in several live and online mentoring programs. They are co-authors of “The Soul Truth: A Guide to Inner Peace” and Sheila wrote “The Fifth Dimension: Channels to a New Reality” .


With Marcus & Sheila after the San Rafael event. From L to R: Sheila Gillette, Marcus Gillette, Renee Blodgett, Anthony Compagnone


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