101 Questions on John Battelle & Tim O’Reilly: How Many Can You Answer?

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Client Answers.com sponsored Web 2.0 Summit this past week. One interesting way to participate was to create 101+ questions on hosts John Battelle and Tim O’Reilly.

Who is tim

Who is john

Here’s a sample of questions on Tim and John. Technology geeks, execs and visionaries: how many can you answer? Go to Answers.com to have some fun with it, as well as to discover answers to other compelling facts and things.

We also had fun with customized t-shirts – why not? Doesn’t everyone Google themselves? Why not Answers.com yourself, even if its merely to find out a bit more about where your name originates from.


Below are CEO Bob Rosenschein and product manager Shaya Loney on-site.

Bob and shaya

Their traffic is growing, up in September from August according to comScore. Answers.com’s combined U.S. unduplicated unique visitors reached 56.4 million in September.


comScore data for September positioned WikiAnswers as the leading community-driven Q&A site in the United States in terms of unique visitors. That means that Answers.com sites now have a higher audience than major brands such as CNN.com, craigslist and New York Times Digital.

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