Why Argentina’s Pulenta Winery is Something Worth Wining About

After five incomparable days in Buenos Aires, we traded the metropolitan energy for the peace and serenity of Mendoza, Argentina’s most renowned wine region.

We toured a variety of wineries during our time in Mendoza, slowly making our way toward the Andes, the flavors of the grapes evolving as we steadily climbed to higher altitudes.  I will be delving into our love-affair with Mendoza in a soon-to-be-published post, one that is taking me some time to write.  My nostalgia continually distracts me, my senses so overwhelmed with memories of our days sipping, smelling and swirling the delicate, dynamic and simply delicious fruit.

Pulenta kicked off our second day of touring in Mendoza, a day that just happened to belong to St. Valentine, and we were treated to a sensory test in honor of the holiday.  We were blindfolded and passed a series of glasses, each one containing some sort of food or product from nature with a scent and flavor profile often associated with wine.

Our entire experience at Pulenta was inspired and I was delighted to find their La Flor Malbec at several local wine shops upon our return home.  Between $13 and $15 per bottle, this wine is an incredible value.  It is deep ruby in tone, smooth with a slight edge at first sip, notes of raspberries and milk chocolate playing along the palate.  I’ve been sipping it as I write about Mendoza, remembering the personality and vibrancy of this wine community.  I look forward to sharing this experience with you and hope you will pick up a bottle of La Flor at your next opportunity.  A mini escape to Argentina is just a glass of Malbec away!


Lindsey McClave
Lindsey McClave has a deep love for food, wine and travel. While she has no intentions of becoming a chef or a sommelier and doesn't consider herself an expert in any culinary area, she is obsessed with learning.

She says, "the one thing I've taken away from my wine travels is that wine is meant for everyone - rich, poor, and everywhere in-between.” Whatever cooking becomes to you, she encourages you to find that foodie place, embrace it and run with it.
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