What Motivates People Across Cultures? Reconsider Time & Motivation

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It’s amazing how much a skilled teacher, a good marker and a grease board can bring to life. Here are two ten-minute animations that are definitely worth your time.

The first video deals with a statistical analysis of what motivates people, across various cultures, to work harder and achieve more. Hint: it’s not money.



The second is a culturally and intellectually rich lecture regarding the three ways people tend to relate to time and the massive impact it can have upon our personal happiness and the well being of organizations and societies. It also goes a long way to scientifically quantifying why the north and south of Italy have such a difficult time getting along.


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One Response to What Motivates People Across Cultures? Reconsider Time & Motivation

  1. Julie Dawn Fox November 25, 2011 at 2:12 am #

    Fascinating stuff! I can see why you’re still amazed by the topic of what motivates people after years of study. Thanks for summarising it so well – the points about autonomy, challenge and mastery are so true. I just wish my organisation would put their money where their mouth is and work the way you outlined; i.e. pay people enough so that they don’t have to worry about it and foster creativity.

    Love the illustrations, by the way!

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