The Magic Behind Nairobi National Park


AFRICA ONE. Visit to Nairobi to see Harriet. October 2015

Being able to visit Nairobi National Park is one of my favourite things about living in Kenya. Each time I’ve visited I’ve had spectacular wildlife encounters: from watching three lions triangulate around a herd of zebra, to spending an hour watching lion cubs playing in golden grass, and witnessing full-grown male ostriches dancing in a puddle of muddy water.

The National Park is set on the outskirts of the city: a spectacular setting with wild giraffe galloping through soft scrubland against the city skyscraper backdrop. It’s just a 15 – 20 minute drive from the centre of town, and you can either drive yourself around the park, or book a safari truck and ranger to show you the sites. Also well worth considering is a night’s stay at Nairobi Tented Camp for the full experience.

Here it is, in pictures:
AFRICA ONE. Visit to Nairobi to see Harriet. October 2015AFRICA ONE. Visit to Nairobi to see Harriet. October 2015AFRICA: KENYA: A brick signpost in Nairobi National ParkAFRICA: KENYA: A Hartebeest and stands defiant in the grassland of Nairobi National ParkAFRICA ONE. Visit to Nairobi to see Harriet. October 2015Africa: Kenya: A Zebra pauses to eat in Nairobi National Park


For more information on the park, visit:

Photos by Lindsay Constable

Harriet Constable
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