The Hidden London Canal

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London canal

I gave him a smile and a head nod of acknowledgment and he gave me a proper raised eyebrow and reserved recognition as we swiftly passed each other shoulder to shoulder. A typical greeting among runners. I continued to dodge bicycles speeding by me as I ran along the canal gazing at houseboats and a few random cafes. However I wasn’t in Amsterdam – I was in London!

I had accidentally come across this London canal while running around my neighborhood during my stay in London. My apartment was tucked away far from tourist sites and next to Jamie Olivers restaurant and kitchens (which by the way were disappointing).  It was easy to find running routes around the local neighborhood, however I never expect to find a canal running route.

What I found on the canal run was a exposure to normal life in London. Away from tourists and crowded sidewalks I was thoroughly enthralled by this hidden canal and the people who commuted to work on bicycle and by foot away from buses and tube lines.  It was lined with residential upscale lofts, regular apartments, offices, industrial buildings, art installations, construction, graffiti, tunnels, cafes, houseboats, and locks.

The canal was full of surprises around every corner and way more entertaining than pushing through tourists on the Thames.

Join me on my run!

An industrial unknown structure…no, it’s not a roller coaster!

Houseboat along the canal

Art installation along the canal


Flower Boot

Green Door

Bike Commute

The local Canal

Colorful Canal Cafe


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