Provence: Soil, Cliffs, Houses & Poppies in Red, Heaven for Artists

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Ahhh, France and its natural beauty. We headed to Roussillon, the ochre town. Soil, cliffs, houses, everything is red from the ochre.


Some of us couldn’t wait to start painting and off they go, painting the village of Roussillon:


Some others wanted to sink in the atmosphere of the place and relax under the sun with a cup of coffee. Not being a painter, I joined them.

In the afternoon, we head off for Bonnieux, a cute medieval village not far from Roussillon. Cherry knew of two artists there and she wanted all of us to meet them. Today the theme is red and …..the artist had bright red hair. Too bad I don’t have a picture of her.


Then we searched for a field of red poppies that Cherry and Kirsten found prior to the trip. With their instructions and some directions, we found it. It was sooooo worth it. The biggest red poppy field I have ever seen. We spent time taking pics of the poppies and of each other. It was fun.



The day was not over. We then went to the supermarket and Doris and Jackii got a wheeled cart because they were planning on buying a lot of ….wine for a little aperitif party later on.


And the sun, that was not red!!!, was shining all day. Another wonderful day in Provence.


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