Prince Edward Island For Oysters & Awe Inspiring Skies

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I continued my seafood-a-palooza this week on Prince Edward Island in Canada.  What’s that?  You haven’t heard of PEI?  Well – if you are a foodie I’ll tell you a secret – get here now…it’s an island full of food that will tantalize your taste buds and warm your heart thanks to all of the local love going on.  The island’s top 3  industries are fishing, farming, and tourism – mix that together in a geographically beautiful landscape and you’ve got a culinary destination!

My parents and I continued to satisfy our seafood itch and not only enjoyed eating seafood on PEI, but we also did some great hands on experiences.   – We went out on a lobster boat and pulled traps as well as visited an Oyster farm and learned about aquafarming.  Much more to come on that in future writing – but just know that many days I had oysters for breakfast…nuff said.

We also got dirty in the local farms of PEI and then cooked up a feast at a cooking class.  But mostly we just drove around the island on the various scenic routes stopping at fishing villages along the way talking to fisherman, and farmers.  “Everyone is so nice here!” my dad exclaimed in the car today.  And he’s right – nice people, scrumptious food, fantastic hands-on experiences, beautiful national parks, sweeping landscapes, and a tight-knit community  = a great travel destination!  And that’s how I spent my week!

Canada National Parks PEI

The dune hike at PEI national Park in Greenwich was a highlight for me. You hike on a floating boardwalk to get to the dunes. Gorgeous!

Cooking class farm to table

Raspberry mint ice cream made today at our cooking class @AnniesTable – we even picked the raspberries ourselves!

French River PEI

The colorful fishing village of French River

Canada lighthouse

#PEI has an abundance of lighthouses but I loved this one w the Canada maple leaf at Covehead Bay.

raw oyster

My morning shooter from Colville Bay Oyster Company in Souris. Better than cereal

Prince Edward Island

Wandering aimlessly around the @gentleisland PEI near Kensington

Fishing buoys

Tools of the fishing trade in #PEI . Each fisherman has his own color so that he knows which traps are his.

Balsamic PEI

I walked into foodie heaven today @LiquidGoldCTown in #Charlottetown PEI. An olive oil & balsamic store offering tons of amazing varieties to try and mix. Flavors like blood Orange, maple, coconut, espresso, butternut squash, and Persian lime. It was 20 times better than an ice cream store as I sampled a ridiculous amount and wanted them all. Recipes are on their website and if you are in the maritimes definitely make the trip here to try and buy!

PEI National Park

Hiking through the wetland dune trail @ParksCanadaPEI

cutting apples

Colorful apples and colorful arms at Annie’s Table Farm to Table Cooking Class

Disclosure:  I was invited to enjoy Prince Edward Island  by Tourism PEI.  However all the opinions expressed her are solely my own!



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