Peruvian Markets: Pisac, Where Your Artistic Appetite Will Be Filled

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The many shades of Peru’s rich culture my artistic appetite completely satisfied. One of my favorite thing to do is visiting the local markets to get a sense of the culture from the inside out. Visually the markets tell a story about each community and the Pisac market is no exception. Similar to the market we visited in the mountain town of Huaraz, the Pisac market is also filled with crafts and interesting foods.

Pisac is situated in the sacred valley. The market itself attracts  has many tourists each week, providing a perfect opportunity for the valley’s crafts people to share it’s creative wares. The market has a duel purpose, providing souvenirs for  tourists and  functioning as a local market for the residents of Pisac.

The best day to visit Pisac market is on a Sunday where the market is packed and all the vendors bring their goods. Not to worry if you miss the market on Sunday as there are smaller markets on Tuesdays and Thursdays which are still as busy.


The market offers handicrafts for tourists and since it is a market it provides a wide range of fruit vegetables and food. If you are visiting Cusco and the Sacred Valley, please make time for this special market. Do yourself a favor, don’t give yourself a lime limit and get lost in the creativity, smells and colors of this magical place.  Enjoy all that Pisac market has to offer, I know we did.



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