Not Okay to Laugh at Charlie Sheen

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By Guest Blogger, Mary Schmidt, Marketing Troubleshooter.

I’ve always been a bit uncomfortable laughing at Two and A Half Men. Hey, It’s not real life…until it is. I grew up surrounded by bad, sad alcoholics (luckily, my parent weren’t….but uncles lived with us and my grandmom off and on, for months at a time.)

Uncle forrest photoCharlie Sheen reminds me of my Uncle Forrest.  Oh, dear Lord, the teeth, the teeth…He even resembles him physically. Forrest wasn’t famous and didn’t make a gazillion dollars.  He did, however, father two children and suffer from extreme, fall in the gutter, drink rubbing alcohol alcoholism.  One of my earliest memories is of him passing out face down in the mashed potatoes.

When my mother and I lived with my grandmom, I did my homework to the tragic soundtrack of the “wet brain” monologues of a once kind, handsome, intelligent man. Difficult enough to memorize Beowulf lines…almost impossible with a  sad, broken man ranting incoherently in the chair next to you. (He went to rehab several times through the years but he never stayed sober for long.)

So, no, I don’t laugh at Sheen. I do, however, have an issue with how he reportedly treats women.  Apparently, because the women involved are actresses and – ahem – professionals, they somehow don’t really count and the charges aren’t taken seriously.  Trying to strangle someone is never acceptable, regardless of how she earns her living.  Seems it’s just Charlie and his ‘hos.  Funny!  Not.

He should have been fired (or least put on leave of absence, pending investigation) because of his conduct with women – not his insults to his boss. And, please spare me the company’s PR spin about his appearance and inability to work.  If he hadn’t mouthed off so much and so loudly, they’d have propped him up, layered on make-up with trowel and rolled him onto the set.  It’s money, honey!

P.S. Oddly enough, Forrest outlived his four brothers (who were also alcoholics, some high functioning.  Gee, Uncles aren’t supposed to smell that way in the morning?) But, it wasn’t a good life…sad and bad, for everyone involved.

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