New Photo Books Now Out: Faces of London and Post Apartheid Kids

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I’ve been working on a series of Photo Books of various eclectic and wonderful places around the world – from American cities and cafes to people, places, designs and architecture in Europe, Africa and Central America. The first two are now out: Faces of London and Post Apartheid Kids. Below is a little background and a sneak peak of each.

Faces of londonFaces of London shows the surprises you get from walking through the streets of London. If you spend enough time people watching, you’ll notice a wide range diversity of cultures who now call themselves Londoners — from countless countries around the world.

Did you know that at the time of the Roman Invasion, London was called Londinium? In Saxon times, it was referred to as Lundenwic, and during the Kingdom of Alfred the Great, the city was known as Lundenberg? It is a city rich in history, diversity and miraculous transitions.

Today, London represents countless cultures from around the world. Regardless of what part of the city you’re in, the experience is always breathtaking, energizing and stimulating. Ask someone a question and be challenge and inspired at the same time — again and again. Faces of London shows these transitions. It shows London’s diversity through beautiful, colorful shots of its people in a wide range of neighborhoods throughout the city. From east to west and north to south, join us on this colorful and artistic journey.

Below, you can get a sneak preview of Faces of London:

Post apartheid kidsPost Apartheid Kids takes you on a journey through various parts of South Africa – both rural and urban – capturing wonderful and surprising moments of children in a post-Apartheid world.

Take a journey through a post-Apartheid South Africa and see it in the eyes of its children. It’s a visual story of one child’s face after another — their smiles, their eyes, and their energy. Because of deeply-rooted pains of South Africa’s complex past, we don’t ask to forget, but we do ask for a harmonious life for the next generation.

We meander from Johannesburg, the Transvaal and Venda in the north through to Natal, Swaziland, the Orange Free State, the Highlands, the Cape and the beautiful and desolate Karoo.

Below, you can get a sneak preview of Post Apartheid Kids:

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