Man Offered 50,000 Euros For Whale Vomit (Yes, Really!)


Ken Wilman and his dog Madge make an usual find on the beach

Ken Wilman probably didn’t suspect the weird findings of his dog, Madge, would make him $67,400 (50,000 Euros) richer; however, when the pooch found an usual musky-smelling, waxy “stone” when walking the beach in Morecambe, he literally struck “floating gold.” While tests are still being done to confirm the object, Wilman believes it is ambergris, a substance found in the stomach of whales that is sought after for the way it acquires a beautiful scent as it ages.

“It’s worth so much because of its particular properties,” Andrew Kitchener, principal curator of vertebrates at the National Museum of Scotland, told the BBC. “It’s a very important base for perfumes and it’s hard to find any artificial substitute for it.”

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Jessica Festa
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