Join us on a Visual Journey of Thailand

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Thailand Beach

Believe it or not, there were more than 26 million tourists who visited Thailand last year, so it’s clear that I don’t have much work to do in the area of encouraging people to go there. The below photos showcases my favorites across six trips I’ve made to Thailand over the last couple of years.

 If there’s one word that’s synonymous with “Thailand” in my mind, it’s “freedom.” My first visit to the Kingdom, after all, came just months after I moved to China to teach English; my second just weeks after I achieved location independence for the first time in my life. My third trip to Thailand, which occurred less than a year after my fist, was by invitation, the first sign I saw that I might be able to eventually make a living solely from my travel blog.

My fourth trip to Thailand, in the fall of 2012, hosted the proudest moment of my life (flying my little sister to Thailand, her first transpacific journey). My fifth was a testament to my resilience after a brutal breakup and my sixth saw me once again invited to the Kingdom in an official capacity. I’m not sure exactly when my seventh trip to Thailand will occur, but I hope you’ll join me in savoring these photos, and the freedom they convey, until then.

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