Finding Hearts & Symbols of Love Around the World


Every year I collect photography from around the world of unusual places where I find love and hearts.  So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, enjoy the photos below — you can find love in unusual places around the world.

Finding love in unusual places

Hiking in Costa Brava Spain on the Camino Ronda near Cadaques I find a heart in the cliff.

Hearts on the beach

A heart rock found on the beach on Wrangel Island Russia

heart embroidery

A traditional outfit worn by young, Lutheran, single ladies in the Black Forest of Germany

Love is in the air

Love is in the air at the Indy 500.

Festival of lights in Berlin

Love in Berlin at the annual Festival of Lights where buildings are illuminated in various designs.

Wall of Love Karranga Wall Australia

Love on the Karranga Walls in the Blue Mountains Australia

Love Furniture

Take a seat for love. Old traditional chairs found at the Open Air Museum in the Black Forest of Germany.

Leaf love

Finding love in my back yard this week in Mexico.

Finding love in unusual places

Finding love hiking in the Pyrenees of Spain.

Sweet Love germany

Sweet love at Stuttgart’s Volksfest in Germany

Wooden Love

Wooden Love found in the forest in the Spanish Pryenees

Love of Autumn

Finding my love of Autumn while hiking in Germany. Ok – I helped this one along a bit!

Love sculpture

Inside the famous Love sculpture in Indianapolis Art Museum


Sherry Ott
Sherry Ott is a refugee from corporate IT who is now a long term traveler, blogger, and photographer. She’s a co-founder of, a website offering career break travel inspiration and advice.

Additionally, she runs an around the world travel blog writing about her travel and expat adventures at
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